Exclusive! Jyoti plans Aryan’s accident to separate him from Imlie

In the upcoming episode, Jyoti will plan Aryan’s accident so that she can separate him from Imlie and her plan will finally be successful.

MUMBAI : Imlie is one of the most successful shows on television and has done well on the TRP charts since it hit the screens.

The audience has begun to like the chemistry between Aryan and Imlie whereas Aditya is still disturbed by their relationship.

These days, the storyline is focusing on Aryan and Imlie’s love story where the two have gone on a date and are trying to come close to each other so that they can express their love for each other. And on the other hand, Jyoti, Neela and Preeta are on with their plans to separate Imlie and Aryan, and Narmada is upset with Imlie as she feels that she doesn't take care of Aryan.

In the previous episode, we did see how Jyoti ruined the plan of Aryan and Imlie when she cut off the bamboo of the setup where Aryan and Imlie had gone for a date and that’s when Imlie falls into the pool and almost gets drowned and he saves her and is so afraid of losing her that he confesses his love for her and Imlie too tells him how much she loves him.

In the upcoming episode, Jyoti will plan Aryan’s accident so that she can separate him from Imlie.

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Aryan will tell Madhav that he should be with Imlie as she is very low and she needs a friend to talk to but then Imlie along with Madhav will go for reporting without informing anyone.

Imlie and Madav will go to the hotel for a covert operation and that's where they will get stuck.

On the other hand, Aryan will meet with an accident and that’s when Jyoti will bring in the false reports of him being impotent which we have seen in the promo where the doctor informs him that he cannot become a father, on the other hand, Imlie has got pregnant.

As we had reported earlier, Aryan and Imlie would get separated as Aryan would refuse to believe that Imlie is carrying his baby and Jytoti will be finally successful in her plan of separating Imlie and Aryan.

It will be interesting to see if Aryan would ever come to know the truth and how would Imlie live her life.

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