Exclusive! “My life has been like a fairytale”, actor Neha Marda talks about her journey, pregnancy and more 

Neha recently shared the good news that her husband and she are expecting a child together and fans were elated. 
Exclusive! “My life has been like a fairytale”, actor Neha Marda talks about her journey, pregnancy and more 

MUMBAI : Popular television actress Neha Marda married Patna-based entrepreneur Aayushman Agrawal in 2012. The couple recently hit a milestone by completing 10 years of marriage. It was an arranged marriage and the couple seemed quite happy and in love.

With the 2008 television series Balika Vadhu, Neha became well-known in the television industry. She portrayed Gehna in this TV show. With the help of this show, she gained fame throughout India. She went on to portray the lead roles in serials like Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev and Doli Armaano Ki after this one.

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She then went on to participate in shows like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, and also appear on shows like Meet Badlegi Duniya Reet, Kundali Bhagya as guest appearance and prominently in shows like Laal Ishq and Piya Albela.

Neha recently shared the good news that her husband and she are expecting a child together and fans were elated.

TellyChakkar got in touch with the actor to talk about her pregnancy, her journey, her professional journey, and what she expects moving forward.

You have been working since you were a kid, and you have been a part of show really iconic projects, doing iconic roles, how has this journey been for you?

I think I would describe my journey as very a blissful and a blessed kind of a journey and to be very honest not all journeys are this easy. The new actors that want to become successful, do ask how to become an actor because after I have been working and achieved something. They ask how to get through it because they look up to you as an inspiration. I tell everyone that it is not really that easy, I have my set of friends who have been working in the industry and go through ups and downs. They have their story and I have mine. Coming from an orthodox Marwari family, people think that there might have been a struggle or I would have rebelled but it was very convenient. My parents were cool enough to allow me and they took me to dance and reality shows. In 11th standard, my father got the call for a lead part in a show. I was not earning to survive. I was doing it for passion and I never chased for roles. I am blessed and I can feel it. Later, I got married to family based in Patna, where I thought my work is done now. I wanted a happy life and things would change. But, God had other plans for me. My husband and mother-in-law saw how changed I was without my work. So, my life has been like a fairytale. Now, conceiving at an age where people think it is usually the end of the road, it is miracle and more like a fairytale.

Motherhood is a very new chapter that you are stepping into, what does motherhood mean to you?

I am still creating something that is inside me, so for me to put a definition to motherhood right now would be different than it would be when the baby comes out, when I start living that life actually. But right now, my biggest concerns are to justify the role. I have always been an actor, so for me, every phase of time is a character that I play. There are phases where I played the part of a daughter, a friend, a daughter-in-law, a wife and now stepping into the role of a mother. For me, I have seen my mother and I always tell her that she is my God. I've never seen God, but I do believe that it is her and I hope that I justify that with my kid. I don’t want my kid to think that I am God, but I want to be there when they need me during their tough times. As a mother, motherhood for me would be justified if can help in making that soul into a good human being. I don't want to worry about money or success, as I believe that if a person is good enough, they can do that on their own in life.

Fans have been showering a lot of love on you, what would you like to say to them? 

Right now, I would want a lot of blessings and lot of good wishes for me and Ayushman because it is a journey for sure, a very different journey and I want it to go very smoothly. So, asking for a lot of good wishes and good luck for the baby that is coming. 

Neha began her dancing career on the television program "Boogie Woogie." She entered this show at the tender age of 11, but she was unable to take the prize home. Later, she began contributing to television series. With the television program "Saath Rahega Always" on Sahara One, she made her acting debut. She had a minor part in this production. After this show, Neha made appearances in a number of television series.

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more update!

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