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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Puru Mama's presence makes Mansi uncomfortable

The episode starts with Puru Mama's arrival making everyone happy but not Mansi. She gets paranoid after seeing him and rushes to her room stating she is unwell. Naira, who observes Mansi's strange behaviour, wonders what is wrong with her.

Puru's daughter Ila feels that Mansi is too young to be married and wonders why she entered matrimony so soon. She feels Mansi is unhappy in her married life and asks her father to check with her once. Puru, who seems to have an unpleasant history with Mansi, feels awkward when his daughter asks him to speak with her.

Later in the day, Puru gives a gift to Naira and asks her to give the other gift meant for Mansi to her. Naira receives Mansi's gift and hands it over to her but senses awkwardness in her behaviour. Mansi wishes to return to her home and asks her husband, Anmol, to pick her up.

Naira wonders why is Mansi in a hurry to get back home when she wanted to spend some time at Goenka Villa. Mansi's behaviour leaves Naira perturbed, but she remains quiet.

After some time, Puru talks about Ila's dream project on women empowerment. He wants Kartik to help Ila in her work and cautions him about the long working hours. Puru wants Kartik at bay so that he can succeed in getting closer to Naira.

Mansi, who comes to know about Ila's project, feels uncomfortable. She knows Puru doesn't have good intentions. Nonetheless, she remains tight-lipped because she is still in a state of shock after seeing him.

Kartik is not keen to be a part of the project because he wants to spend more time with Naira. But Naira wants to see him grow in his career and encourages him to take up the project. Naira's maturity makes Kartik feel proud of her.

Later in the day, when Naira visits Mansi's room, she overhears her telling Anmol that she is not interested in spending time with Puru Mama. Anmol is also shocked to see Mansi behaving so awkwardly. Naira senses something is wrong, and her doubt grows when she sees Puru's gift for Mansi in the trash can.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi and gang find the best disguise for Little Superstars

The episode begins with Rocky persuading Kullfi that they will be fine as his uncle will take care of all of them. Just then, they notice that the cops have come to Rocky's uncle's hotel with a pamphlet. It has all their pictures and has falsely been accused of theft by Amma Ji.

The kids notice the cops and immediately run away. They are clueless as they don't know what to do. Amyra goes up to Sikander and asks him if he is sad but he lies.

They start practising while Kulfi and her gang are on the run. Mahinder keeps looking for Kulfi as well. The kids lie on top of a truck and try to escape. As the truck comes to a halt, the kids notice that they have been dropped right outside the auditions venue of Little Superstars.

Kulfi is dejected but the others are excited about Little Superstars. They try to uplift her spirits by telling her that she should focus on the competition as that way, she will be able to gain his attention. Kulfi is convinced and they all stay the night in the venue. All are very hungry and tired as they haven't been able to rest even a bit.

The next day, Saraswati realises that if they participate in the competition, their faces will flash on the TV. Once that happens, Amma Ji will figure out their location. Before their plan takes off, it will plummet.

Zinda loses his cool with everyone's pessimism and storms off. Kulfi thinks and mopes about how Sikander treated her. Zinda returns wearing a mask with a black cloth. He basically comes up with the idea to hide their identity and participate.

Sikander asks Mahinder about Kulfi but he lies to him that she will take time to understand but will get over. He decides to look for Kulfi on his own and live up to the promise he made to Sikander. While Amyra and Sikander are preparing for the competition, Kulfi and her gang are also working towards their disguise.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna get remarried; Mohini slaps him

The episode begins with Prerna telling Anurag that she wants a proper wedding with good wishes from the elders and saath phere. Anurag then asks her if she wants to get married right away and she agrees. He then sets the fire by using a pot and old books. Prerna then asks for a red churni, which she needs to cover her head. Both Anurag and Prerna finally get ready for the wedding, but then, Komolika starts calling him. She asks Anurag and Prerna to open the door but they refuse to do that.

Komolika and Mishka then go to the balcony area and see that both Anurag and Prerna are ready for their marriage. She freaks out and keeps banging the door, asking them to not do anything stupid. However, Anurag is also intoxicated, so he doesn't listen to Komolika. They both take the seven pheras around the havan pot they created. Anupam and Nivi have patched up and Mohini is surprised to see that. Just then, Komolika rushes to Mohini and informs her about the marriage. They all immediately go to Anurag's room and ask him to open the door and not get married. They announce that they have gotten married but Anurag tells Prerna that only after sindoor will their marriage be complete.

Anurag applies sindoor on Prerna's forehead and gets married in front of everyone. Anurag then goes up to Mohini from the balcony window and tells her that he will be coming over for her blessings. As Anurag and Prerna open the door, Mohini slaps him hard. But Anurag is too intoxicated to realise what's happening. He tells Mohini that they should sit and talk but instead lies on Prerna's bed. Mohini turns to Komolika and asks her if she spiked his drink too. Komolika tells her that she would never do that, to which Mohini starts yelling at her. She blames Komolika for Anurag and Prerna's proper wedding.

Mohini then tells Komolika that if she wants to finish whatever she started, she should simply look for Prerna and make her sign the documents. Komolika immediately rushes behind Prerna to get her to sign the documents. Meanwhile, Anupam is trying to understand what the three ladies are up to. Komolika tricks Prerna by telling her that the marriage would only be valid if she signs the document and registers her marriage. Otherwise, the marriage would be null. Prerna falls for it and signs the document.

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