Imlie: Fan-Fiction! Netizens disagree with the current track of the show; say, 'Betrayal to Anjali wasn't right, feel bad for her as Surya falls in love with Imlie'

As we had reported earlier that the show is going off air and now the Netizens have come out and shared their disappointment on Surya betraying Anjali for Imlie who he knows wouldn't love him back.

MUMBAI: Imlie is one of the top shows and is doing well when it comes to the ratings. The show took a 20-year leap a while ago; we now get to see a new grown-up Imlie, played by Adrija Roy and Agastya played by Sai Ketan Rao.

When the serial had just taken a leap the show was doing well and it was among the top five shows when it came to the TRP ratings and the audience was in love with the love story of Agastya and Imlie which had just begun.

But now suddenly a twist was introduced in the serial and Agastya's character was scrapped all of a sudden and suddenly the love story came to an end and a new character "Surya" was introduced by the makers of the show.

The storyline is focussing on the complexity of the marriage surrounding Imlie and Surya and how they are dealing with it.

In today's episode Surya finally confessed his love for Imlie and he made things clear with Anjali that he cannot marry her and that he is in love with Imlie and called his love for Anjali not true.

The audience felt that this storyline wasn't right as in all this confusion, what was the fault of Anjali as her love for Surya was true.

They feel it was so unfair for her character to go through what she felt because at the end Surya had betrayed her which wasn't right especially when there wasn't any future of Imlie and Surya.

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Check out what the audience's had to say :

Shilpa Singh: Initially I didn't see what wrong Surya did with Anjali as she trusted him but he betrayed her for someone who wouldn't love him back doesn't make sense. It's like justifying infidelity which is so wrong, now I feel Surya should have gone to Anjali.

Gopal Khanna: When Surya knows that he wouldn't be getting love from Imlie he shouldn't be wasting time behind her and should have done justice with his relationship with Anjali as to what was her fault in all this. He definitely betrayed her and no reason can justify it.

Sonia Singh: Sometimes I feel these things are not in our hands, which means that the show tried to show us that sometimes two people if they are not meant for each other then they would separate no matter what and then would meet their true partners, somewhere Surya was meant to be with Imlie and hence the relationship with Anjali didn't work, we do feel for the character and feel bad for her.

Kabir Santoshi: Why did Surya have to leave Anjali? Anyone would feel bad for her character as he knows that he wouldn't get the love from Imlie the track currently doesn't make sense. A betrayal cannot be justified, according to me he should have told Anjali and got married to Imlie.

Well, there is no doubt that the audience do have a point and one would feel bad for Anjali.

What do you think, was Surya's move right?

Let us know in the comments below.

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