Kya Baat Hai! Actor Santosh Shikhare opens up about his role in the thriller show Keh Doon Tumhein


MUMBAI: Santosh Shikhare plays the role of Garud Kumar in Keh Doon Tumhein, produced by Vajra Productions. The actor shares that the show has an unique title that reflects the feelings of the lead character, Vikrant, who is deeply in love with Kirti.

"Vikrant wants to share his secrets with Kirti but is afraid of losing her because he can't imagine life without her. So, the title reflects Vikrant's inner turmoil and his desire to open up about his secrets," he says.

It’s a thriller show and this isn't the first time that the actor is doing one. "Primarily, I've been part of crime thriller series like "Crime Petrol," "Savdhan India," "Aahat," and "Shapat." I've also done episodic crime shows of a similar nature. Recently, I was part of a web series. So, this isn't my first experience with thrillers," he adds.

Garud Kumar, a hardworking individual who is struggling to advance in his career and aims for a promotion. "This character resonates with me because, like Garud Kumar, I am a struggling actor trying to improve my life. So, I can relate to my character on a personal level," he shares.

The show is being shot in Panchgani, and the surroundings are quite beautiful. "As someone from Mumbai, I was pleasantly surprised by the choice. Panchgani is known for its beautiful landscapes, soothing and cool weather, and a refreshing atmosphere. Unlike Mumbai, where the cold weather is seasonal and short-lived, Panchgani offers a consistently cool climate. The place is filled with beautiful spots, and the people there are cooperative. What's most special is that the place keeps you feeling fresh all the time. Personally, I've noticed that I never get tired, and I enjoy working here," he adds.

On his collaboration with Vajra Productions, he says, "This is my first project with them and I'm extremely happy with it. The producers, including Shilpa Shinde, and the entire crew have been wonderful to work with. They treat actors well and care for them. It's not your typical TV show; they do things differently, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with them," he smiles.

The response around the show has been overwhelmingly positive, and people are enjoying it.

He adds, "The characters are well-received, especially Garud Kumar's character, with his simplicity and sincerity. I'm working hard to bring my character to life, and it's heartening to see people appreciating our efforts. The show is unique in its own way. It combines suspense, thriller, and even a serial killer plot with family drama, happiness, and simplicity. This blend makes it an all-around entertaining package. While suspense and thrillers are common in movies and web series, they are rarely seen on TV shows, so it's a new and exciting experience for the audience. The story revolves around a middle-class family facing their problems and cherishing simple moments, which many people can relate to."

The TV industry has evolved. Agreeing, he says, "Our show is an example of that change. We are trying to set a new trend by offering a mix of drama, comedy, suspense, thriller, and family drama. This new version of a daily soap is attracting the audience's attention, even in the 11 o'clock time slot. People are staying up to watch our show, and it's a big deal for us. Producers, directors, writers, and the entire crew are working hard to make this show a success, and I'm lucky to be a part of it. I'm thankful to Star Plus for allowing us to present this unique show."

Daily soaps require a lot of hard work and patience. "It's true that daily soaps demand a lot of hard work. We work from morning to evening continuously, and there's no room for breaks. In my opinion, nobody forces me to act; I genuinely enjoy my work, and I'm very serious about it. I put in my best effort and try to give 100 percent in each performance. It's rewarding to see that people appreciate my work, and I'm delighted about it. Daily soaps require delivering new episodes every day, and there are no days off. Currently, we're shooting in Panchgani, which offers us the opportunity to work in different locations, providing an amazing experience. Our directors, producers, and writers are all dedicated to making the show a success, and I feel fortunate to be a part of this project. Additionally, my family and relatives appreciate the show, which makes me happy and validates my hard work and dedication. I'm grateful to the production, directors, and writers for giving me the opportunity to perform in the show," he ends.


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