Moshsin Khan-Shivangi Joshi, Harshad Chopda-Pranali Rathod, Sumbul-Fahmaan, Rupali-Guarav Khanna, Karan Singh Grover-Surbhi Jyoti are the few on-screen couples who have become iconic on television

Television on - screen couples have a huge fan following and their chemistry is loved by one and all and here we bring you the on - screen couples that have become iconic.

MUMBAI: Television shows are doing really well these days and the audience are loving the shows.

One of the reasons why these shows are so successful is because of the chemistry between the actors especially when it comes to the love story part on television and they make these couples sensational on social media and they become Iconic.

The audience gets so attached to them that they feel that everything that they do or say is real and also wish to see them get married or be in a relationship.

The audience also gives them a ship name which goes viral and the fans would only address them through those names.

If a separation track is shown in the serial they fans would keep trending that on - screen couple on social media and would demand the makers of the show to bring back the couple together.

Here we bring you some of the on - screen couples of television shows that have become iconic and the audience still bestows a lot of love and support on them :

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Check out the list below :

1. Mohsin Khan - Shivangi Joshi aka Kartik and Naira - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi who essayed the role of Kartik and Naira in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai were loved by the audience and their fan following was crazy and each day they kept trending on social media.

2. Karan Singh Grover - Surbhi Jyoti aka Asad and Zoya - Qubool Hai

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Karan and Surbhi's on screen chemistry was loved by the audience and till today the fans wish to see them back again on the show, today also their fan following is in high demand.

3. Jennifer Winger - Harshad Chopda aka Zoya and Aditya - Bepanaah

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Jennifer and Harshad who was seen in the show Bepannah was loved by the netizens and till today in many of the interviews both are asked about each other and how the fans want to see them back and their chemistry looked so real that the fans at one point thought that they were dating.

4. Sanaya Irani and Barun Sobti aka Arnav and Khushi - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

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Sanaya and Barun are one of the most loved on - screen couples on television and their chemistry was loved by the audience of the show. Till today they are seen as an iconic couple and even their one photo or video together within no time become viral and the fans wish to see them back together.

5. Erica Fernandes and Shaheer Shaikh aks Sonakshi and Dev - Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

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Erica and Shaheer are considered as one of the most loved on - screen pairs of television and their chemistry was sizzling and looked so real that the fans thought that they were a real couple and if they come in a project together the show is sure to be a hit.

6. Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Fahmaan Khan aka Imlie and Aryan - Imlie

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Another on screen pair that was loved by the audience and their fan following was to another level anything they said or did became viral and especially their love story on the show became the biggest USP of the show and the chemistry was loved by the fans.

7. Shabir Ahluwalia - Sriti Jha aka Abhi and Pragya - Kumkum Bhgaya

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Sriti and Shabir as Abhi and Pragya were loved by the audience and their love story on the show never began as they were always separated in the show and in spite of that they were loved by the audience.

8. Shraddha Arya - Dheeraj Dhoopar aka Preeta and Karan from Kundali Bhagya

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Shraddha and Dheeraj as Preeta and Karan was one of the favourite on screen pairs of the audience and they are iconic and their chemistry between them was loved by the fans. Till today the fans miss watching them together on the show.

9. Divyanka Tripathi - Karan Patel aka Raman and Ishita - Yeh Hai Mohabaatein

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Divyanka and Karan were loved on - screen couples of television and Ram and Ishita had become a household name till now the fans speak about the two on social media and they miss watching them together.

10. Aishwarya Khare  and Rohit Suchanti  aka Lakshmi and Rishi - Bhagya Lakshmi

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In no span of time both Aishwarya and Rohit became the favourite of the audience and the reels are loved by the fans and their chemistry is something you shouldn't miss.

11. Reem Shaikh - Sehban Azim aka Kalyani and Malhar - Tujhse Hai Raabta

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Reem and Sehban are one of the most loved couples of television and their pair in the show Tujhse Hai Raabta and their chemistry was loved and they are seen as an iconic pair on television.

12. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna aka Anupama and Anuj - Anupama

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Ruplai and Gaurav keep trending on social media because of the track of the show currently they are separated and the fans are demanding to see them together in the show. It goes without saying that they are an iconic pair of television.

13. Pranali Rathod and Harshad Chopda aka Abhimanyu and Akshara - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Pranali and Harshad were the most loved couple of television and their fan following pumped up to another level. The duo’s heir chemistry was mesmerising and the fans call them an iconic couple of television.

Well, there is no doubt that these couples were loved by the audience and they would love to see them together.

Who is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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