Sachin Parikh: Post Covid, people are more open about discussing mental issues


MUMBAI: Actor Sachin Parikh says that the pandemic was a tough time for people, not only physically but mentally as well. He adds that people are now more open to talking about their mental issues and concerns.

“I believe that since the Covid outbreak and consecutive lockdowns, mental health and depression have become prominent issues. During the pandemic, with the prevalent atmosphere of sorrow, due to numerous deaths and the confinement at home, it was undoubtedly a challenging and depressing time. However, post-Covid, I've noticed a positive shift where people are more open about discussing mental health. It seems that the stigma surrounding these issues is diminishing, and individuals are no longer hesitant to talk about their mental health challenges or seek professional help. This change has a positive side, breaking the taboo around mental health conversations and encouraging people to address these issues openly,” he says.
He adds that such topics are no longer a taboo. “Absolutely, times have indeed changed, and it's heartening to see that discussing mental health is no longer considered a source of shame. Nowadays, people, especially teenagers, are not only aware of mental health issues but are also taking them seriously. The future generations of our country are actively using various platforms, including social media, to spread awareness about mental health. In my opinion, it's crucial for everyone to contribute to this conversation. There are still individuals who hesitate to talk about their mental health challenges, so collectively, we should encourage open discussions and work towards spreading awareness to create a supportive environment for everyone,” he says.

However, the actor adds that one needs to be careful about who we share our personal concerns with. “I believe that sometimes we tend to overshare and make ourselves vulnerable to the wrong individuals. It's very important to share our thoughts and feelings with the right people—those we can trust and who can provide meaningful solutions. It goes beyond simply having someone listen; it's about choosing those who genuinely care and can offer constructive support. Setting boundaries is essential; we need to be mindful of how much we share to prevent potential emotional harm. Being aware of our emotions, controlling the level of disclosure, and understanding whom to confide in are vital aspects of maintaining emotional well-being. I strongly believe that despite the pain in this world, we should try to be the reason people hold onto the belief that there are still good-hearted individuals in this world,” he says.

Ask him how he takes care of his mental health, and he says, “When I'm feeling low, stressed, or depressed, I find solace in spending time with my daughter, who acts as my mood lifter and happy space. Being with family and friends brings a different level of comfort, as sharing my thoughts with the right people provides not just a listening ear but also solutions and support. And also, I try to stay away from people who consume my energy emotionally. I prioritise my mental health by practicing meditation, and travelling helps me in maintaining my overall well-being.”


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