Sangeeta Odwani Breathes Life into the Role of Shurpanakha in Sony Entertainment Television Show 'Shrimad Ramayan’


MUMBAI : Sony Entertainment Television’s divine saga, 'Shrimad Ramayan', has been following the journey of Lord Ram, Mata Sita, and Lakshman during their Vanvas. The recent introduction of Lord Hanuman to the narrative has further added a new dimension to the story. Moving to a pivotal chapter of the show, viewers will nowsee Lanka King Ravan’s sister, Shurpanakha, in the forefront, who will lay the foundation for the larger fight between Lord Ram and Lanka King Ravan. Playing this complex character will be Sangeeta Odwani, who has played many diverse roles in her stint as an actor.
During a stroll in the forest, Shurpanakha notices Lord Ram, who has immersed himself in deep meditation. Smitten by his demeanour, she makes an advance towards him but he firmly states his devotion towards his beloved wife, Mata Sita,and rejects Shurpanakha’s advances. In the wrath of Shurpanakha’s rage, frustration, and jealousy, Lakshman intervenes, but the consequences of his actions are unknown to him.
Talking about the intensity of the story and portraying such a significant character, Sangeeta Odwani says, “Portraying Shurpanakha is a delicate dance between embodying her raw power and navigating the complexities of her vulnerabilities. It's about unveiling the layers of a misunderstood character, revealing the strength in her scars and the depth in her desires.”
She further adds, “Playing Shurpanakha demands a nuanced approach that delves deep into her psyche. It's about embracing her formidable presence while also unravelling the pain and longing that lie beneath her fierce exterior. As an actor, it's a journey of exploration, peeling back the layers of this complex character to reveal the humanity within, allowing audiences to see her not just as a villain, but as a multifaceted individual with her own struggles."
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