This Scene Set-up from Pishachini is sure to give you GOOSEBUMPS; we aren’t responsible for your Nightmares

Tellychakkar is back with yet another BTS update from Pishachini. Recently, we came across a video from the set of the show and we definitely got spooked.
This Scene Set-up from Pishachini is sure to give you GOOSEBUMPS; we aren’t responsible for your Nightmares

MUMBAI :  Tellychakkar is back with yet another behind the scenes update from your favorite show Pishachini. We know how much our viewers enjoying keeping updated with the happenings around Telly town! Colors' show Pishachini hit the small screens a month ago. The supernatural drama series stars Jiya Shankar, Harsh Rajput and Nyrraa M Banerji in lead roles.

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Pishachini has been part of the small screen for quite some time now and it has been doing well and managed to engage the audience with its supernatural elements and intriguing plot.

Harsh Rajput, Nyrraa Banerjee and Jiya Shankar seem to be doing a great job on the show.

We know how much you’ll like to know about what happens behind the scenes on your favorite shows and what these celebrities are like in real life.

Recently, Nyyrraa aka Rani shared a video from what seems like the set of the show and we are left spooked! The scenes looks scary and even though Halloween has come and gone, this would make great to give the strongest of hearts a little skip.

Check it out!

The set showed some wails, creepers and a tent-like set-up. We are sure our viewers are intrigued to find out what will be shot there!

Now, we are sorry if that sends chills down your spine and we hope you didn’t have a faint heart.

Meanwhile on Pishachini, the trio of Rocky, Rani and Pavitra try to fight off the zombies. Pavitra then asks Rani if she would leave her family after she got to kill her and Rani asked her if she was accepting defeat but that didn’t seem like the case.

Later, as Pavitra’s powers get weak and she falls, Rocky tries to distract the zombies with some blood.

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