Suzanne Bernert opens up about working in Prateek Sharma's Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan


MUMBAI: German actress Suzanne Bernert, who plays the role of Mr. X in Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, says that she loves being part of the project. She adds that her character is fierce and multi-layered.

“On the 29th of October, I started shooting with Shabir Ahluwalia, Neeharika Roy, Sambhabana Mohanty, Swati Shah, and the little girl who plays Gungun (Reeza Choudhary). We filmed a scene involving a plane full of passengers and my own terrorist group,” she says, adding, “With a tough appearance, my character embodies a vicious woman who, despite speaking Hindi, hates everything Indian. A tailor-made suit was provided for Mr. X. Otherwise, she dresses in black, much like her crew.”

Talking about working with producer Prateek Sharma, she says, “This is the first time I am working with this producer and his team, and it's great!. The unit is well organised and the atmosphere is great on the set. This marks my 28th TV show, and I had a gap from 2018 until now. I thought TV was over for me, but the Business Head, Rekha Vaid, sent me a WhatsApp message asking if I would be interested in the character and show. We previously worked together on a Lavani Reality Show in 2012, Dholkichya Talavar. So, once you live and work for some time in this industry, connections start happening, and I am delighted with the outcome. It's an amazing team to work with, and a special shoutout to the director, who is so capable in the art of shot-taking and has incredible patience with me and my Hindi.”

She says that working in TV can be both tough and rewarding at the same time. “A strong bond is usually formed on sets, and it can be addictive to work with a TV team. I am familiar with the 'how' and 'when,' so after my husband, Akhil passed away, this show came at the right time. I just miss his input, feedback, and help. He was always by my side, just as I was by his,” she says.

She adds, ““I lost Akhil just on 20th September. This shoot has helped me a lot, but I also had hard moments where I cried, fixed my makeup, and went on set to shoot again. Losing your partner unexpectedly just after talking to him is really painful. I still can't believe I will never hear, see, or touch him again. We were a unit as life partners and actors. I lost my biggest champion, my anchor, and my compass,” she says.

Talking about how the industry has changed, she says, “I can't really comment on changes, as I believe it all depends on the producer as well. For instance, in this show, we shoot with up to 3 cameras, which saves time and energy. However, a Marathi show might not be able to do the same, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.”

Talking about working with her co-actor Shabir Ahluwalia, she says, “He is genuinely a nice guy who knows what he does in front of the camera—very spontaneous and pleasant to work with. We had also worked together in Kasautii Zindagi Kay.”


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