True well-being extends beyond physical appearance: Charrul Malik


MUMBAI: Charrul Malik, who is currently seen in Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain!, is of the opinion that well-being doesn’t necessarily have to be about one’s outer appearance. She stressed that it transcends beyond that and is more about an individual as a whole.

She said, “Health and wellness mean to me that we shouldn't compare ourselves with others in terms of our health or bodies. True well-being extends beyond physical appearance; it involves being mentally fit, as I believe it is a mental game altogether.”

She highlighted that mental well-being is crucial while pointing out that often people blindly follow influencers on platforms like Instagram and YouTube who showcase their six-pack abs, good bodies, and slim figures, but in return, it interferes with our mental health. “We follow their diets and routines, leading us to a state of mental unfitness as we constantly compare ourselves. If we prioritize mental fitness, we can achieve balance and discern what is right or wrong for our individual well-being. Therefore, mental fitness is crucial. In my perspective, the genuine essence of health and wellness lies in being mentally fit first; without it, we cannot truly be considered healthy,” she said.

With the health and wellness industry booming like never before, people have found substitutes for the age-old healthy home cooked food. Charrul feels that while certain brands promote home-cooked food, their emphasis is on packaged foods. She added, “If we opt for simple homemade meals with fewer spices, in a raw and unprocessed form, avoiding lengthy cooking processes, and incorporating seasonal vegetables, I believe we can resist the influence of such advertisements that give us alternates in the name of home-cooked food. It is essential to consider what suits our bodies best and to adhere to the dietary practices of our grandparents and parents rather than succumbing to the allure of branded foods that make grand claims. Opting for pure, unadulterated food is a healthier choice.”

However, she is not one to follow anything mindlessly and even checks the ingredients of food that she purchases, especially when it comes to sugar. “I pay attention to what I eat. While I don't scrutinize every detail because delving into every aspect might discourage eating out altogether, I do take the time to check the amount of sugar and carbs in outside food. I also consider whether the food is processed or not. I consciously avoid consuming extremely unhealthy junk food and opt for more basic options. Occasionally, I'm okay with it, but I refrain from indulging in food that requires a detailed examination of its components,” she said.

“In today's food landscape, I've noticed the importance of reading labels to verify if the products match the ingredients claimed in advertisements. Many regular consumers might not read everything, assuming certain items, like sugar-free products, are healthy. However, it's crucial to understand that excess consumption of anything, even seemingly healthy options, can have negative consequences. Cornflakes, brown rice, green tea, brown bread—TV ads have created a massive market for these items, and people are capitalizing on it. Sellers promote them as healthy, and consumers buy into the idea, but these products are actually processed foods. Even bread, despite having a higher amount of wheat flour, is not inherently healthy. You don't have to pick or cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients!” she added.

Charrul mentioned that people can indulge in impulsive buying of certain products labeled as sugar-free or sugarless, which may be enticing, but it is essential to understand that such products may not be healthy in today's context. She said, “Instead, opting for foods without added sugar or using alternatives like jaggery is a better choice. We may believe these products are healthy, but in the long run, they may not contribute to our well-being.”

“Take, for example, diet coke. It may sound fancy, and we might buy it without being fully aware of its contents, which may not be healthy or suitable for us. If we choose sugar-free options due to diabetes concerns, it makes sense, but if we are not diabetic, there's no need to opt for such items. Instead, consider alternatives like jaggery or coconut sugar. It's advisable not to experiment too much with our food choices and stick to our roots for a healthier lifestyle,” she added.

And she is not one to follow any health and fitness influencers and instead prefers to follow a regime that suits her body type. “For instance, I cannot consume fermented foods. So I recommend or prefer sticking to seasonal vegetables or fruits. I consciously avoid processed, refrigerated, and freezer-packed foods, although occasionally I indulge in them for the sake of my taste buds. I have completely eliminated soft drinks, high-sugar items, and heavy foods from my diet. While I don't strictly follow a specific diet, I practice moderation in my food consumption. I believe that moderation is the key principle I follow for a balanced and healthy lifestyle,” she said.

Charrul also pointed out that social media has sold us the idea that slim is the new healthy, as people often associate a slim appearance with good health. She further said, “In recent times, we have found that many individuals, even those engaging in rigorous workouts, experience heart attacks. Hence, it's crucial to recognize that one's outer appearance doesn't determine overall health. Simply being slim does not equate to being healthy, as slim individuals also face various health issues. In my view, true health is about feeling well from within, considering factors such as energy levels, activity levels, avoiding overindulgence in things that don't suit you, and burning calories. It's a straightforward and common principle that we often knowingly overlook.”

“While being slim may come with fewer body issues, slim individuals can still encounter numerous health challenges. I would like to emphasize the importance of mental fitness because maintaining a balanced thought process can positively impact every aspect of one's well-being. Stay positive, avoid blindly following things, and make informed choices for a healthier life,” she ended.


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