TV artists share their Karva Chauth plans!

Karva Chauth

MUMBAI : Karva Chauth, a cherished and traditional Hindu festival celebrated primarily in India, is a poignant testament to the enduring bonds of love and commitment within married couples. This festival holds a special place in the hearts of millions as married women fast from sunrise to moonrise, fervently praying for the longevity and well-being of their beloved husbands. Yet, Karva Chauth isn't merely about fasting; it's a celebration of the sacred union between spouses, marked by cultural, social, and even religious significance. &TV actresses delve into details of how they plan to celebrate it this year. These include Anita Pradhan (Malti Devi, Doosri Maa), Sapna Sikarwar (Bimlesh, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan) and Vidisha Srivastava (Anita Bhabi, Bhabiji Ghar Par hai). Anita Pradhan, aka Malti Devi from Doosri Maa, shares, “As a married woman, Karva Chauth holds a special place in my heart, symbolizing love, deep emotions, the essence of sacrifice, and unwavering devotion. Each year, I eagerly anticipate this auspicious day, ready to embark on my annual fast and looking forward to the moment when I can wish my beloved husband a joyful Karwa Chauth while participating in the sacred traditions. Every year, I wake up early for the cherished Sargi meal, as the sun's first rays appear on the horizon. As twilight falls, the women in our household come together for the sacred puja, dressed in exquisite attire. I take great pride in adorning my hands with intricate Mehandi designs and choosing beautiful Chuddas and jewelry. Both my husband and I eagerly await the moon's appearance, and when it graces the night sky, we break our fast with a sip of water and delightful sweets. In conclusion, I send heartfelt wishes for a joyful Karva Chauth to all the radiant women celebrating this special day.”
Sapna Sikarwar, aka Bimlesh from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, shares, “On the occasion of Karva Chauth, I receive extra attention, and my husband showers me with love and care. Every year, I observe a fast on this day, and my husband joins me so that I'm not alone in this. He's quite the romantic (chuckles). During Karva Chauth, I feel a unique energy and surprisingly have fewer food cravings! I enjoy applying henna to my hands and adorning myself with the Solah Shringar. This year, it will be no different. We've been fasting together for all these years, and it's been a beautiful journey. To keep ourselves occupied, we engage in indoor games, watch TV, and listen to music. As for the gift, I like it to remain a surprise for both of us! I extend my best wishes to every woman and their husbands, if they are also fasting, for a very joyful Karva Chauth.” Vidisha Srivastava,aka Anita Bhabi from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares, “Karva Chauth is steeped in the emotions, traditions, and enduring love of this cultural celebration. It's not just a custom but a pledge to the lasting connection of marriage. I observe Karva Chauth annually, and this year, celebrating it as a new mom adds a beautiful dimension to the tradition. Fasting takes on a new significance, symbolizing resilience and the balance of being a wife and a mother. I relish the excitement and spirit of this festival, as all women look their finest and support each other during the fast and puja. The eagerly anticipated moonrise for the puja and breaking of the fast is a cherished moment for every couple and family. Breaking the fast under the moonlit sky is not just a reunion with my partner but a celebration of family. Karva Chauth becomes a testament to the transformative power of love, now encompassing the challenges and joys of parenthood. I delight in donning a traditional saree and beautiful jewelry for the evening puja. However, this year, my Mehandi won't be elaborate but simple, as I need my hands free to care for my little one. I won't be fasting fully but will observe other religious rituals. My mother will be there to assist me, and my husband might join me in fasting, but we'll decide when the day arrives (laughs)."
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