What! Naagin 6 fame Mahekk Chahal on first dates ``I have always lied on my first date. I mean white lies don’t harm”

I’ve not given a fake review but I’ve said, “I haven’t watched it”, “So sorry I missed that movie”, “Which show is it? Oh I don’t watch TV as I don’t have time”


MUMBAI: Naagin 6 is a major hit amongst viewers, and the performance of all of the actors is being appreciated. The show has also been doing well on the TRP charts. It airs on Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM.

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In an exclusive interaction with TellyChakkar, Mahekk Chahal aka Mahek of Naagin 6, played Never Have I Ever and gave some very interesting answers.

Never have I ever got cheated on?

Of course I’ve been cheated on.

Never have I ever lied on my first date?

I have always lied on my first date. I mean white lies don’t harm. Sometimes you need to lie just to observe how the opposite person reacts and later you reveal to them that actually that wasn’t true like my eye-lashes aren’t real, they are extensions.

Never have I ever pretended to like my co-star?

I never really had any issues with my co-stars. I’ve always liked my co-stars.

Never have I ever sent a drunk text or drunk called anyone?

This isn’t alcohol, it’s medicine. I mean of course I have taken out my frustration like that.

Never have I ever given a fake review?

I’ve not given a fake review but I’ve said, “I haven’t watched it”, “So sorry I missed that movie”, “Which show is it? Oh I don’t watch TV as I don’t have time”

Never have I ever shoplifted?

No, I’ve never shoplifted.

Never have I ever regretted going on a date?

Not regret exactly but yeah sometimes feeling like this person is not good enough for me.

Never have I ever regretted playing a particular role?

Of course I have. I’m doing television now but before that in movies, yes it has happened because sometimes they’ll narrate the character in a different way and then you go to shoot and it turns out completely different than how it was narrated. Every movie, song or a show hasn’t always been upto mark or exactly the way it was narrated. So later on when you see your character you do regret it a little.

Never have I ever been jealous of a friend or partner?

Of course I’ve been jealous. Every person has jealousy. It can be positive jealousy too where you go like “Oh I so envy you, you’re so lucky”. Jealousy doesn’t have to be negative.

Never have I ever gossiped about a co-star?

Not talking about Naagin 6, but yeah I do gossip about them. I mean Simba, like he’s too cute.


Never have I ever stalked my co-star or any actor?

I stalk all my actors and all my friends to see what this person is wearing, how is this person looking, has she put on weight, etc. I stalk everybody.

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The viewers are in love with her role in Naagin 6 and are also looking forward to more of her updates on her social media channels. Naagin 6 has reached a high drama point with the new leap. So are you excited to see the upcoming storyline of the show?

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