Why is Spandan in an all new 'naughty' zone on the sets of Udann? Find out...

Spandan Chaturvedi

Child actor Spandan Chaturvedi has always had a ball while shooting as the confident Chakor for Colors’ popular show, Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada).

Well, the girly beauty has suddenly gotten naughtier on the sets, and is found to be playing all the boyish pranks!!

Wondering why?

Aah, that is because she recently sported the look of a boy on her show.

Yes, as per the ongoing track (as shown yesterday), Chakor gets into the guise of a boy named Chauka to hide her identity. As Chauka, she sports cool shirts put into a knot and hides her hair under her cap.

With this on-screen transformation, the members on the set believe that Spandan too has imbibed some boyish characteristics.

A source from the set tells us, “Spandan simply loves playing Chakor. But she equally loves every sequence where she plays a boy. She is seen automatically getting into a more mischievous and naughty zone. She has also been playing a lot more with Vivaan and Aditya on the sets with toy cars and bikes to get into the character.”

A funny observation that the unit members have made of late is that, Spandan takes a bit more time to get dressed up as Chauka, when compared to the time she used to take to dress up as Chakor.

The source explains, “It actually takes Spandan more time to dress up as Chauka than it did for her to dress up as Chakor. She needs to tuck up her hair into a cap and that takes a long time.”

Aah, indeed wonderful, Spandan!!


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