Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata: Fan-Fiction! Netizens feel Madav is doing right with Armaan says, 'Good move by Madav as Armaan cannot be trusted after what he did with Abhira'

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is one of the longest running shows on television and the story keeps the audience's grip on the show. Netizens feel that Madav is doing right with Armaan so he would be loyal to Abhira.

MUMBAI : Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is one of the top shows and is getting more interesting with each passing day.

The show is set to deliver high-end drama in the upcoming episodes as the narrative takes an intriguing turn.

The upcoming episodes of the show are going to be full of drama and twists that will keep you hooked on your screens.

These days the track is focusing on how Ruhi and Armaan's marriage broke down and how he confesses his love for Abhira in front of everyone and pleads forgiveness from everyone.

In today's episode, we saw how Armaan was trying to win back Abhira's trust after he confessed his feelings for her and wanted to settle down with her.

But Madav tells Abhira that she shouldn't trust Armaan so much and that once again he would leave her and go as there is no guarantee as if Dadisa or his mother would tell anything he would go back to them and again would leave so she has to test his trust and loyalty.

The netizens feel that what Madav is doing is absolutely right as Armaan cannot be trusted when it comes to his family as in no time he changes and can break things with Abhira.

Some also feel this will make Armaan release whatever happens he cannot leave Abhira in any circumstances and the trust should be there and this move seems perfect.

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Check out the netizens had to say:

Sanjana Bakshi: Armaan cannot be trusted as what he did with Abhira cannot be forgetful we all know when it comes to family he forgets everything especially Abhira and the feelings he has for her so I think Madav's move and point is bang on, Armaan will have to gain Abhira's trust.

Raj Singhania: Armaan should be taught a lesson on how not to betray Abhira and how to support her and not come in the words of his family and Dadisa and should stand by Abhira and this lesson that Madav is teaching him is correct.

Aditya Sharma: Madav is doing what Vidya and Dadisa should have done for Armaan, this is the right thing to teach him not to play with the trust of Abhira and now he cannot leave her under any circumstances.

Rhea Prakash: I hope after what Madav is doing with Armaan is right and am sure now Armaan would realise his mistake and the difficulties that she went through he has to stop listening to Dadisa and shouldn't get influenced.

Karan Kapoor:  Armaan will have to gain the trust of Abhira back as then he would take for granted hopefully and what Madav is doing with Armaan will make him realise things and he would stay with Abhira and not hurt her anymore.

Well, the fans feel that this move of Madhav will make Armaan a better person that will help him to stay with Abhira forever.

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