Zee TV's Apna Time Bhi Aayega -A Story of Defying your Destiny and Rising #AukaatKeBaahar

MUMBAI : With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing about an environment of uncertainty and gloom, Zee TV recognizes the need of the hour and is all set to spread cheer through exciting and engaging content that forms a part of its entertainment library. As a part of the bumper content extravaganza that the channel plans to offer its viewers in the festive month of October, Zee TV presents an inspiring narrative of a young daughter of a head servant in an affluent family of Jaipur who refuses to be tied down by her humble roots. Breaking free of the shackles of background, she chooses to carve her own destiny and soars above the class boundaries to find a place of her own amongst the elite, thus living up to the name ‘Rani’ that her father had lovingly given her and the dreams they have collectively envisioned for her.

This destiny drama debunks the deep-rooted class system and questions its unwritten rulebook of ‘aukaat’ in our society, almost curtailing the chances of the lower strata in taking charge of their destiny and rising above their means. Aptly titled ‘Apna Time Bhi Aayega’, the show follows Rani and her bond with her father who despite being from a modest background has raised his daughter like a queen. Unlike most father-daughter relationships typically seen across Hindi GECs where the daughters’ dreams are often reined in by a father who provides a reality check and persuades her to opt for the tried and tested, traditional approach of life, here is a father who has consciously raised Rani to believe that the sky is the limit for her. Although Rani learns to dream big and chases after her audacious goals with her father’s constant encouragement, unusual circumstances compel her to take on his position as the head servant in the Rajawat household. She faces discrimination owing to her social status, her small town roots and financial background. In an era where the world has progressed by leaps and bounds, unfortunately, we still have several people who have not evolved and continue to discriminate the rich from the poor, urban from the rural and judge people on their background rather than their ambitions or talent. With all the challenges thrown in her path, will Rani be able to achieve a place she rightfully deserves and establish her own identity, rising above her roots?

Popular television actress Anushka Sen will be seen bringing alive the young and attractive character of Rani in Apna Time Bhi Ayega.  On the other hand, television actor Pratish Vohra who hails from the Banswara district of Uttar Pradesh, will be seen essaying the role of Rani’s father - Ramadheer. Fahmaan Khan too will also be seen in the show, playing the role of Veer Rajawat, who is the eldest son of the royal family and a doctor by profession. Veer appears strict from the outside, but in reality, he is quite sensitive and caring from within. Despite being adopted by his mother, Veer is an absolute perfectionist like her and seeks her affection and approval.

Talking about her character, Anushka Sen shared, “It is an honour to be working as the leading lady on a Zee TV show. I’m quite excited as the show addresses the pertinent issue of class barriers in society which are prevalent even now. Shows that talk about such crucial social issues are extremely important for the society as TV holds the power to influence many. Essaying the role of Rani who has been brought up in such a liberal fashion and is so ambitious in life is something I am really looking forward to. It's characters like these that give hope to so many girls who’re ambitious and want to achieve things in life. I really hope the audiences like the show.”

Adding to this, Fahmaan Khan shared, “Playing the role of royalty indeed comes with its own set of challenges. There’s always a certain bar that is set which has to be met and it is quite a responsibility. In a country like India where royalty is treated almost next to God, portraying such a character is quite intimidating. There are very specific ways in which royal families conduct themselves and getting used to all of it was quite a task. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to the show and to be collaborating with Zee TV. It’s such a great opportunity, I treasure it with all my heart. I hope we’re all able to meet the expectations of the audiences from this show.”

With Rani ready to pull out all the stops and fulfil her father’s dream of an extraordinary future for herself,  will she act on her conviction of 'Apna Bhi Time Ayega' and redefine the rulebook of ‘Aukaat’?

Watch the heart-warming story of Rani in Apna Time Bhi Aayega very soon only on Zee TV!


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