Udaariyaan 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan reveals Kabir’s murderer is Alia


MUMBAI:The Episode starts with Jordan stabbing Aasma. Armaan dreams of this and wakes up in the lockup. He worries for Aasma. Alia says we can’t release him, he is clever, he will run away. Aasma frees Jordan. She asks him to go. Alia says don’t try to run away. He goes to washroom. Alia asks what did you do, what did Jordan tell you. Aasma says nothing, we have to go to Kabir’s house. They come to Kabir’s house.

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They hide from the police. Jordan says you are finding the murderer, its Alia. Aasma asks what nonsense, she can’t kill anyone. He says she can do anything. She asks why shall I trust you. He says I was helping her as a friend, but she is using me. Alia puts the proofs against Aasma in Kabir’s room. She puts Jordan’s pic also. Jordan says the proofs are in Kabir’s cupboard. Alia asks them to come inside. He says we need some light to find proof. He lights a candle. He asks them to look for proof. He asks Aasma to get the plastic bag from cupboard. Alia drops some oil and throws the candle. The place catches fire. Alia sees Aasma in danger. She pulls her and saves her from fire. She asks are you fine, come with me. She asks Jordan to come with them. The constables see the smoke and go inside to check. They run away. Constable says they are fleeing, catch them. Ekam asks what, Aasma is at Kabir’s place. Constable says yes, two persons were with her. Ekam asks Armaan what is happening. Armaan asks why is she doing this, she is putting herself in danger. Ekam scolds him and asks him to tell the truth. Armaan recalls Aasma’s words. Jordan’s bike stops. He says its police bike, we can’t take it far, there is some problem. Aasma runs away. He asks where is she. Alia calls out Aasma. They see Aasma showing the proof and thanking them. Aasma says I m going to the police station. She leaves in her car. Jordan asks what proof is she talking about. Alia asks did she get proof against me. They run after the car.

Jordan stops Aasma’s car. He asks what proof do you have, we can’t let you go. Aasma says I got to know your truth, you both are involved in Kabir’s murder. Alia says you are mistaken, I want to save Armaan. Aasma says Armaan doesn’t need your help, I m enough, I have proof also. She leaves. Jordan and Alia fall down. They argue.

He sees a car coming. He asks the man to get down. They take the car. Armaan says Aasma is in danger, please let me go, if anything happens to her then I can’t forgive myself. Ekam says I can’t take you along, try to understand, don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to Aasma. Armaan says please take me along.

Constable stops Armaan. Ekam leaves. Armaan beats the constables and runs out. Ekam stops Armaan. Armaan says please let me go and find Aasma. Rano and Sukhi look on. Alia says you have double crossed me, it was your idea to frame her, you clicked her pics, when Armaan was saving her, you had hid Kabir’s body in his house, why are you blaming me, I m doing this for my love. Jordan says you are selfish, Aasma loves Armaan, she is ready to die for him, that’s called love. Aasma’s car breaks down. She checks her phone. They see Aasma and run after her. Jordan throws a stick at Aasma. She falls down. He asks her to give him the packet. She hits on his leg. He picks a stone to hit her.

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She asks why did you stop, hit me. He throws the stone away. He says you aren’t scared of death or jail. She says I live for love, Armaan is my everything, you can try to kill me, death can’t harm me until I save Armaan, I have tolerated Alia and you, you both will go to jail. He asks what do you have against me, I have the proof, when fire caught up, I had taken the proofs from the cupboard. He recalls getting the proof. He says I told you before, Alia killed Kabir, I didn’t, I just helped her. Alia looks on. He says seeing your passion for love, I thought to tell you the truth, I didn’t fool you, I didn’t ignite fire there, Armaan and your love is amazing, you are unique, Armaan is very lucky to get a wife like you, I wish I could get my love, I bow down to your love. He gives her the proofs. He says go and save your Armaan. Alia thinks Aasma, I won’t let you get that proof. She picks a stick and hits at Aasma. Armaan comes there and gets hit on his head. Aasma turns and sees him. She gets shocked. Alia hides. Armaan falls down. Aasma shouts Armaan.

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