Exclusive! Bebika Dhurve exposes Abhishek Malhan says "He twists facts in his vlogs for views by putting me down and doesn't show the full story"

Bebika rose to fame with her stint in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 but though the show is over the controversies still continue. In an exclusive conversation with Tellychakkar she exposes Abhishek Malhan and reveals how he doesn't show actual facts in his vlogs.
Bebika Dhurve and Abhishek Malhan

MUMBAI: Bebika Dhurve was one of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss OTT and since day one, she marked her presence in the Bigg Boss house.

The show has finally come to an end and she has emerged as the third runner-up of the show, creating a niche for herself.

She mainly grabbed headlines for her bond with Pooja Bhatt, which was loved by the audience.

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She also had major fights with Abhishek and Manisha and that was spoken about inside and outside the house.

Now, the actress has been quite active on social media and keeps her fans well updated about what she is up to and her whereabouts.

In an exclusive conversation with Tellychakkar the actresses exposed Abhishek Malhan and his double standards and revealed how he twists the facts in his vlogs. 

Elvish and Abhishek have a great bond together. Do you feel they will patch up? 

These people in front of the camera will be good to you but then in the vlogs will be so mean. Abhishek in his vlogs is so mean to me where he said that I had come to the hospital and that fans were behind him. When I went to the hospital I told him that you body shamed me and now all reels are being made on it. I think it's your PR team or fan base doing it and he started to laugh loudly. 

He didn't even bother apologizing and was enjoying it and I told him it says a lot about your character. This was the real conversation and in his vlog he said something else and in an insulting way how can he expect that we will still be friends with him and show respect. Just to increase the views you use our names and insult us, it doesn't work like that. How can I be friends with him? 

When you went to meet Abhishek in the hospital you didn't hug Abishek nor his parents, but Manisha did, and this was a video that also went viral? 

When I had gone to meet Abhishek in the hospital I had met his mom down and she hugged me and we met very positively. I have no clue why they didn't include that in the vlog. But I share a great bond with his mother as she has always been very supportive and has always encouraged me in every step of the way. We have nothing against each other. His fans are throwing hate at us, my fans aren't. 

Well, it seems like Bebika is highly miffed with Abhishek and has exposed his double standards. 

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