Kapil Nirmal quits Laado had earlier reported about Surya’s (Kapil Nirmal) death in Shakuntalam Telefilms’ <em>Na Aana Iss Des Laado</em> on Colors, however the latest is that Kapil put down his papers one and a half month ago. “My character did not have much to do hence I did not want to stay back in the show. I put down my papers and have served a proper notice period”, says the actor.

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Laado's Jhanavi to reveal the truth; Rana to die

The recent episodes of Colors’ <em>Na Aana Is Desh Laado</em> have been up on the drama quotient. Since the time Jhanavi (<a href="”> Vaishnavi Dhanraj</a>) got to know Rana’s (Ayam Mehta) involvement in the mayhem in Veerpur, the latter has been behind her life. But the coming episodes will see a chase sequence happening between Rana and Jhanavi. Not only this, Rana will meet his end.

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