Wow! Anushka Sharma opens up about following her mother's diet plan which she has followed for years; Says 'Meri mummy aisi waali..'

Moreover, her stylish appearance and straightforward way of life frequently make news. Not only that, but Anushka's husband Virat Kohli is renowned for leading a similar healthy lifestyle to hers. We now have access to one of her previous interviews in which she discussed her healthy diet.

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Woah! Virat Kohli playfully repeats Anushka Sharma's dialogue from her film; Says ‘Bread pakode ki kasam, kabhi dhokha nahi doonga’

It should be mentioned that the couple's ability to be genuine and unpretentious without resorting to artifice is one of the reasons they receive so much love and admiration everywhere they travel. Videos of them making public appearances together frequently give their supporters a lot of optimism and happiness since they aren't scared to be silly and authentic.

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