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Kapil Sharma

It was a spectacle of sorts. Media persons running helter-skelter with boom mikes in hand, sweating and panting to get their exclusive video bytes with Kapil Sharma. We are talking about yesterday’s launch press conference of The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony Entertainment Television (K9 and Frames). The frenzy and fanfare was testimony to the man’s immense popularity, something which rings louder with his ever increasing count of social media followers (running in millions).

With strong memories of Comedy Nights with Kapil still looming large, Kapil and his motley gang are all set to weave new rib-tickling experiences with the new venture., the most read online publication for television news, entered into a hearty chat with Kapil. Looking classy in black, the otherwise funny man, dawned a ruminating demeanour while answering our queries. He is smart, witty and visibly intelligent. Here’s documenting excerpts from the conversation which Kapil had with team lead Sana Farzeen.

So, Kapil is back with a bang?

Of course (in his usual style)! There was a trust and responsibility towards my viewers that made this possible. Somewhere I feel it all happened for the good (laughs) as there is a new excitement and josh to do something different and more interesting.

Even we are excited, so give us an insight on what ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is all about?

I think each one of us have our own strengths and limitations. We understand the scenario and trying to bring out a hatke show that will focus on characters and personalities. We have designed a mohalla set up and will have different families doing gags together, rather than a single level of engagement. We are planning to make the series seasonal, with each having 26 episodes.

Fascinating!!! Now comes the tough question. Was money the real reason for your fallout with Colors?

Sab bakwaas hai...log kuch bhi kehte hai (All rubbish. People talk gibberish). When you work together differences tend to crop up. But it is our conscientiousness how we take it and move on, that’s how you grow in life. Zindagi hai....chalti jayegi (Life goes on).

And what about talks of your insecurity pertaining to Krushna and Comedy Nights Bachao (on Colors)?

They are also artists like me, and I have no problems with them, and will never have. I have won Comedy Circus six times in a row and I don’t think I need to prove anything to anyone. Call me insecure, I don’t mind but I am confident of myself and have no rivalry with anyone.

But they do consider you as a rival?

Woh unka bachpana hai (It’s their immaturity). I think with age comes maturity and you choose to let go things and look forward towards greater goals. I don’t take anyone as my rival.

With the show ending, many careers were at stake. Did you feel responsible about the situation or people in your team? 

Bilkul, and I am happy that they all showed trust on me and we could get this new show in place.

But Kapil, is it only trust or you wanted to play safe with the much acclaimed team backing you again?

Safe khelna kya hota hai? (What does playing safe mean?) I think there are very few artists in the industry who have such a great comic timing. I wouldn’t want to lose them. Also yes, I have a certain level of comfort too with the team making it easier for us to work in sync.

The team mentioned that they believe you are a perfect boss. What’s your take on the same?

That is the love they have for me. Yes, I am the captain of the show but the team is the strength and together we are all set to rock once again.

On a curiosity level, how do you guys manage to punch in novelty in your script time and again?

I think the charm is not in sitting and writing but discussing and making comedy. We have our jamming sessions wherein we discuss characters and stories and while laughing at our jokes, we manage to find some great content. There lies the magic.

Today, comedy actors are over exposed with them performing at every random show. What is your take on it?

I think we have the calibre and strength to do a lot of things and so it is not the case of being over exposed. But yes, bhed chaal bhi bohot hoti hai (herd mentality). One shouldn’t become a part of the crowd but make his/her own niche and stick to the same.

On stage you mentioned about Bollywood actors forcing you to get a new show...

(Laughs) Today Bollywood promotions have become a very important part of comedy shows. Initially when I started, nobody was keen to come to my show. Since I had a good relationship with Dharmendra, I personally called him. And I make it a point to get actors connect with audience at a personal level and ask them questions that they want to. That is why they love me so much and are more than happy to join me on my show.

So who would you like to invite this time personally?

I would really want to call Narendra Modiji. If an Obama can go to a chat show why not Modiji? I think politicians should also connect with the public.

Kapil, we have seen a huge difference in you since the time you made an appearance in Laughter Challenge...

Haaye...yaad mat dilwao woh din, bohot ganda dikhta tha...(Don’t make me recall those days, I used to look terrible).

(Ha Ha) Looks apart, a lot has changed in you as a personality and of course, your career scale...

There was a dream to achieve and with hard work I did manage to come close to it. I came to Mumbai to become a singer, but when people started laughing at my songs, I realised I had to change my path. I feel if you have the zidd to win something, come what may, you will do it.

So is it luck or talent that has brought you so far?

I think both are quite essential. Talent, luck and of course the will to achieve something makes for the perfect combination.

But why has success made you inaccessible to the media?

I am not someone who is keen on making small talks about myself to the media every day. I am not very active on social media also. When there is something to be spoken about, I will definitely talk.

Kapil, wish you more and more success and hope The Kapil Sharma Show redefines comedy programming India.

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