I am ready for the legal battle with Vikas: Parth Samthaan

 I am ready for the legal battle with Vikas: Parth Samthaan

It’s late in the evening, and after refreshing senses with a hot cup of coffee, we got down collating our thoughts and streamlining the conversation we had with Parth Samthaan.

Yes, the Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan sensation spoke to us.

Yesterday, we put up an open proposal to Parth to reach out to us. To get out of the PR mode and take some real questions. Questions which form the crux to the ongoing controversy between him and his ‘once a good friend cum mentor’, Vikas Gupta.

Parth, the youth icon of today’s time with a credible global fan base, responded to our proposal and we must admit, opened his heart out.

On the other side of the phone, Parth sounded anxious yet confident. His voice was calm yet had an undercurrent of edginess, probably due to the hammer effect of the ongoing hubbub.

It’s time to cut to the chase. Let Parth do the talking. Enough has been said and written, but here we delve deeper into truth.

Hello Parth, welcome to Tellychakkar.com. What in the world is the issue between you and Vikas (Gupta)?

(Laughs) It’s quite messy, actually. What do you want to know about it?

He accused you of using his fame and stronghold in the industry to gain popularity?

(Grins) That’s his version. It’s absolutely baseless. We are not children that we would do such kiddish stuff. Yes, we had known each other and Vikas is someone who is very talented. We worked together but after a certain point of time things did not work out and I wanted to make my life choices. What is wrong in that?

What is the ‘wrong’ you are talking about? Why so much animosity?

See, I do acknowledge that he was a guide to me in the initial stages. But that’s fine, we all grow up in life. Later when I wanted to make different choices, he simply won’t accept it and wanted to act like my Big Daddy, which was pretty unintelligent. He could not deal with the fact that I gained popularity and could make a mark at the big level. Things went out of hand and he started bullying and threatening me to destroy my career. He said he will make sure I wouldn’t get any work. He even tried to sabotage my film project.  I was left with no choices but to file a legal complaint.

So what is with this legal complaint? Did you send one to Vikas or not? You seem to be giving different versions to the media?

Of course I sent the legal notice. He forced me to do it. I was left helpless. He is a more powerful person in the industry. When things did not seem to be sorting out, I thought of taking the legal course, but I wanted to do it in a dignified manner. I did not go to the media leaking papers, recordings and what not. He is the one who is creating a huge noise about it.

Initially you accused him of molestation? Now apparently you have dropped the charges? Why the confusion?

There are no charges of molestation. It only mentions about objectionable advances, which cannot be termed molestation. And for record, I have not dropped any charges. I have sent another notice amplifying the non-payment of dues charge as it has a deadline attached to it. All other charges remain intact.

Ekta Kapoor spoke about you and Vikas’s alleged relationship? What kind of relationship was she mentioning?

After the article was published I spoke to Ekta maam and she mentioned that she was misquoted. She only said that we two were good friends and used to hang out together. It was taken out of context.

Good friends and charges of molestation? Questions are being raised on your sexual orientation. Are you gay?

(Laughs) I never thought in my life that I will have to face such a question. Let me make it clear. First of all, let me state again, there are no charges of molestation. Now, without disrespecting any community, I want to say that I am very much straight and beyond that I am not answerable to anyone.

Fair enough. Let’s talk about you and the controversial Whatsapp Group you created which demeaned women?

(Hmm) Let’s put it this way. I did not create the group. I was a part of it and when you have friends you tend to engage in such conversations. Girls talk about guys, guys talk about girls. Let’s be fair. No one is dhood ka dhula (no body is perfect) in the industry. The same people who are supporting Vikas have lot under their carpet. I too have actors who can support me but scared given the fact that he is a bigger name. He is a senior, a known producer and a channel head. But I know who did you get the Whatsapp pictures from, who are your so called sources. No one is stupid not to understand things.

(Continues after catching breath)

See, I have learnt one thing that in this industry one is on his own. Today, who are supposedly your friends, back stabs you tomorrow.  I respect women and you can take a feedback from the people I have worked with. I don’t need to give clarification on it. Yes, I have learnt a lesson and in the future will be more careful. Keep communication with less people and focus on work alone.

Vikas, as you say, is a bigger name in the industry and getting support from top notch names. Are you scared as a professional?

I am certainly not scared. Vikas is gaining sympathy, nothing else. Everyone who is supporting him must keep in mind that there is other side to the story. He is creating perceptions. Truth will eventually come out.

What is the truth? And does all this mess impact your career?

The truth will come out in the court of law. I am ready for the legal battle. I am not backing out, no matter how much he talks to the media and gains sympathy. I, as a person, is very simple and peace loving. I am troubled by this chaos. People who were friends with me have ditched me. Will it affect my career? Well, only time will say but I have faith on my talent and hardwork and eventually all will sort out.

Vikas says he has proofs against you?

Good for him. If he has proofs, so do I. Let’s put them out in the court of law. I would like to fight legally not make it murky via tweets and media interviews. I don’t have a single tweet against him, which shows I want to maintain dignity.

He talks about you calling Niti Taylor a ‘chuti@# and also blamed you for the Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fiasco. Could you please clear the air on it?

Again, that’s what he has to say. I did not call Niti a ‘chuti$@. See, all this conversations and recordings, I am done with. I am going with the flow. You trust people and they disappoint you. What has to happen, will happen.

You have legion of fans. They seem to be hounding Vikas and his family?

Yes, I have fans and I am thankful to them for all the support. I am blessed. But till date I have never said any one to rally against Vikas or his family. In fact, when one fan posted something derogatory against Vikas’s family, I told him to stop it. I am a family person and would never do that. However, I cannot control each and every fan of mine. I can only request them to maintain restrain.

How shaken his Parth Samthaan with the fight?

Very. I am an extremely non-controversial person. My friends and family asked me not to react. I have been forced to talk to the media. But after this I am done. There have been days when I have broken down and wept. I love peace. It’s been an experience of a lifetime and I have learnt a vital lesson.

Vikas has said he has cut the chord with you. What about you? He wants a public apology. Any chance of rapprochement in the future?

See, again I would reiterate, that I have deep respect and affection for Vikas. But he is the one who went out to the media and made it all dirty. I am still open for a settlement as I want to get done with it and move on and focus on my career. You meet people, you work, then you make new choices and meet new people. However, the respect for everyone remains intact. One has to be mature. I have suffered and I am sure he has also suffered. I want to let go and I am open for reconciliation. Life is short. If not, then I am ready for the legal battle. Let’s see what happens from now on.


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