Shiv Shakti (Zee) 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Shakti kisses Shiv

Shiv Shakti

MUMBAI : Shiv shouts leaving her hand. A man’s hand should only be raised to protect or hold a woman’s hand. Why can’t you understand that? Aren’t you done exercising your power on Mom that you’re doing the same with Shakti? Don’t forget the difference God made. They’re stronger than you in their heart, mind, and emotions. Women fix what a man breaks. Like hearts or family. He wipes his mom’s tears and hugs her. Shiv says what’s wrong with you, papa. Why are you making me cross the limit again and again? That day when I held your collar, it was a son’s duty for his mom. Shiv says I stood for my mom but I became a culprit in my dad’s eyes. I felt a lot worse than you when I held your corner. Why do you make me do this? What you’re doing is wrong. You kept raising your hand on your wife and today you were trying to do the same on my wife? Padma says to Mandira your plan is failing.

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Shiv wipes Shakti’s tears. Shakti says when I need you and you’re not there it never happens. I knew you’d see the truth of my love. You will always stand with me. You accepted me as your wife. He says I accepted you long ago but you rejected me. Shiv says I always accepted you. But the trust you showed me, you broke it yourself. I was waiting for you to come to my life and we can start this new chapter. But you questioned the reality of our relationship. You accused me of such bad things. You didn’t want this relationship. I broke the mangalsutra and gave you your freedom. I always accepted you with my heart and you rejected it with hate. Shiv says you broke many hearts today. You taught me some people are not what they look like. But it’d be better if you left this house. Shakti says how can I leave? I vowed to stay with you for 7 lives. He says could even walk 7 steps. She says it was a misunderstanding. It was all Mandira’s plan. She was trying to break our relationship. He says what’s a relationship that a third person can break? She says I won’t let this marriage part. It’s not a joke. He says you rejected it. She says I rejected the lies. I am your wife. He says the Shakti I loved and married was lost somewhere. The Shakti who came here was doubting my love. Now when you’re doubting my love I will never be able to call you my wife. Please go from here.

Shakti says it’s my right to be here. No one else can tell me my rights. I know how to stand up for myself. I am your wife. She kisses him in front of everyone. Everyone is shocked. Padma says she has no shame. Raghunath says she has no shame. Shakti says I love you, Shiv. She says to Ragunath you feel no shame in hitting your wife and I should be ashamed of love? You can hate but I can’t love? Bhagwati says she is shameless. Shakti says I have all the right to him. It’s not shameless. Bhagwati says kick her out. She says I am not a toy that you can kick out. I won’t go anywhere. Padma says we will get you divorced. Shakti says there’s no divorce in our culture. How would you know? You only break homes. She says Shiv are you ready Mr. Husband? Does Shiv say enough? She hugs him and says it was just one kiss. Shiv says, Shakti. She says no one should come between husband and wife. We can fight in the room. Some people like breaking houses. let’s go to our rooms. Your room is our room. Shiv says you can’t force me. She says if you don’t come with me right now I will kiss you again. She takes him to the room.

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