Audience Perspective: Why do present-day television shows don't stay on-air for longer?  

Recently, shows like Harphoul Mohini, Appnapan, Swarnghar, and more have fallen in the bracket of going off-air. These shows like any other had a great star cast and launched with a bang, but some of them despite having decent TRP is going off-air.  

MUMBAI: Television had always been the grandest of mediums and has been the audience's go-to for entertainment. The entertainment landscape has changed a lot over the years. 

Now audiences want fresh tales of love and drama and there is a new barrage of actors taking over TV shows. While the longevity of shows has gone out, the entry of new-age thinkers has definitely helped to tell the stories of hope and entertainment to the audiences.

But what makes a show iconic? It's definitely the actors. Actors have defined decades and years of the golden era of television, where TV actors have commanded more star power than a few Bollywood celebrities as well. 

But has the star power of TV gone down, or have the options spoilt us? We have seen a decline of interest in watching a Friday release on the big screens and the rise of the OTT era. 

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While TV will not go out of existence any time soon, the grandiosity of TV shows and stars has definitely gone down. It is a very conflicting position to be in because there are two sides to the same coin. On  one side, there are shows that have been on-air for decades and there are some that have not even lasted for 50 episodes. 

Recently, shows like Harphoul Mohini, Appnapan, Swaran Ghar, and more have fallen in the bracket of going off-air. These shows like any other have a great star cast and launched with a bang, but some of them despite having decent TRP is going off-air.

So, the question is, why are present TV shows not working, is it because of similar storylines, same-looking cast, or mediocre storytelling? Well, it is the combination of all of it and also that people now have options, they are spoilt with choice of content. So, there was a time where TV shows delved into serious societal issues and now it has just spiraled into the same love story and damsel in distress era again. So, the bottom line is that if TV shows want longevity, they need to work on the content and that is it.

Aaravi Singh says, “ There were shows like Maryada and Pratigya that have worked wonders, if the content is good, the duration doesn’t matter”.

Reena Sharma says, “ In the name of content, we have been getting the same storyline been served with a different but similar looking cast”.

Naina Jain says, “TV does not have that same charm anymore, why should watch a show that has the cast playing the role of the mother, sister and cousin at the same time? They all look the same. TV has just stopped thinking of young audiences and cater to the older demographic”.

Vidhi Saini says “ There is so much content out there, why should one spare time to watch content if the makers don’t work on it to make it good”.

Nisha Trivedi says, “ The shows start on a good note but soon enough they forget their own plotline and just go haywire, and I think that’s why these shows go off air so soon”.

Whatever the reason, the changing mediums have definitely contributed to why Tv shows don’t have the same shelf life as before.

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