Exclusive! “I am blessed that we have known each other for last, 7 years and that eases out a lot of things”, Avinash Mishra on working on tough scenes with Neha Solanki, receiving love from fans and more

Avinash Mishra plays the leading role in the show as Garv Mehta, known for his stellar performances in many popular shows over the years.

MUMBAI:  StarPlus has brought for its audience an unusual and never-seen-before love story titled TITLI. A perfect overlap between extreme emotions will be witnessed by the audience on the screen with this show. The show will make you rethink romance and wonder if it is love. 

Avinash Mishra plays the leading role in the show as Garv Mehta, known for his stellar performances in many popular shows over the years. 

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TellyChakkar got in touch with the actor to talk about the show, playing such a dark role, his acting process, and more!

When aksed about if he and Neha ever rehearse, since sometimes scenes can be hard and if the equation helps, he said, “Actually, I really feel. I am blessed that we have known each other from last, 7 years and that eases out a lot of things. You know your co-actor from last so many years, so we already have that comfort that ease,  so we can make each other understand, and communicate that okay  Neha, I'll be doing this in this scene or I will be pushing you like this or I'll grab you like this? So, we have, that understanding that our characters need to do those things and I have to react in this way so that my character looks real and scary and I have to be so harsh on Neha’s character that it translates to people and the sympathy that needs to come out do and we as actors understand that the okay the audience, should feel pity for her when this character reacts really aggressively to this character. So we, when we are doing the lines, when we are reading this thing, we make sure that OK, this thing is yours and this thing is mine. People should feel okay with Garv getting the blame, but being torn about the equation at the same time.”

To all the love and support that he has been receiving he said, “Well, thank you so much for all the love and your constant love is what keeps me going and it has been an amazing journey for me as an actor, it has 7 years and I'm really blessed to have such loyal fans to for me, and I can assure you that I'm going to give 100% always to make sure that you guys are getting entertained by watching my. Performances and thank you so much for all your love.” 

In a previous conversation talking about the response that the show has gotten he said, “The response has been great and the moment I got to know that this is the concept of the show and they want me to play, this part I was surprised that they could see me playing a dark role , so as an actor I would love to take that . For me to do this role was very challenging at the beginning, but Now I feel like I understand the character and I feel very much connected now. I could understand why this character is doing what he does, and I am glad the audience got that point. Because as an actor it was difficult to make them understand and to make them feel both love and hate at the same time I wanted the audience to connect when he is loving and caring towards Titli I wanted to believe it and they loved it. And when this character is being wrong to that, then people are also hitting him, so I felt nice that OK, even when they bash on my social media, that is fine at least I'm able to make you guys feel and that's a success and that's a plus”. 

Avinash is seen playing the role of Garv Mehta in the Star Plus show, Titli.

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more updates!

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