Exclusive! Sanjay Gagnani opens up about leaving Kundali Bhagya, Future plans and more, says “I'm yet to sink into the feeling that I'm no more a part of Kundali Bhagya”

The actor gained a lot of appreciation for the negative role of Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya. Over the years, he has surprised audiences with his impeccable performances and diverse character portrayal!
 Sanjay Gagnani opens up about leaving Kundali Bhagya

MUMBAI :Sanjay Gagnani is a popular telly actor. He has been a part of many shows like Bairi Piya, Hamari Devrani, Encounter, Veera, Pyaar Ka The End, Files: Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein, Savdhaan India, and Halla Bol. Apart from television serials, he has also acted in two films, Rakhtbeej and Heroine.

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The actor gained a lot of appreciation for the negative role of Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya. Over the years, he has surprised audiences with his impeccable performances and diverse character portrayal!

The actor recently quit the show because it was headed for a leap and is now on different pursuits.

TellyChakkar recently got in touch with the actor to talk about his exit, fan reactions, and future plans.

Leaving Kundali Bhagya after so many years had to be a big decision, what did it feel like?

I'm yet to sink into the feeling that I'm no more a part of Kundali Bhagya. Because going to the sets every morning for the last five and a half years and then suddenly one day you just stop going to the same place which you worship and where you have given your everything to, your heart, blood, sweat, and soul every day with the motive of entertaining the audiences and making your well-wishers and your family proud. And then suddenly, one fine day, you wake up and you realize that you are no longer associated with the show. That completely changed really. So it's been a month since I'm not shooting, and I'm yet to sink into this feeling that I'm yet to come to a realization or come to terms with the fact and the reality that I'm no more a part of the show. But, yes, I have innumerable memories attached to the show, because doing a show and shooting for five and a half years for the same project is any actor's dream.

Is there a fear of stereotyping because you played a role that transcended shades and the fear that you would be categorized in a box?

Well, there are a lot of factors to this, because when I was cast in the show, I was not cast as a villain or as the negative lead. I was cast for a cameo role as a prospective groom for Shraddha’s character. So the only brief that was given to me was, you are entering like a hero, and then Because the audience accepted my role. That's when the makers thought that we can try and experiment something with this guy. So they experimented. And as an actor, I must show my talent, I must show my craft.

And all the credit goes to the audiences that they accepted it well. And hence, they turned the cameo role into the negative beat of the show. Now, why I'm saying this is because not just the makers thought that I could be a suitable hero, but also the audience. Because no one ever thought that I could play a villain. Because the kind of feedback I get from people is, hey, man, you look cute, How are you playing a villain? Yeah, your demeanor initially also on the show was very calm, very nice, and very lovable. That is how my character started and I got to flip it and show my range as an actor.

You have finally gotten closure with the character of Prithvi, what's next in store for you?

Honestly, I don’t want to sound arrogant on this, but I have said no to four shows in a span of a month. Only because I feel like an actor and as a kid, not every toy or every product used will excite us. Hence, I am also a kid being an actor. Not every project would excite me. I would pick up something only if it excites me as an actor. And there are a lot of factors. Like the channel, the producer, the role, the team and as an actor, it is basically a long game. The role that is offered to you, the kind of impact  it will allow me or not.  Give me a chance to create an impact in the minds of the audiences and win their hearts. If the answer is 50-50 or no, I don't take it up. So I'm taking it easy right now. I'm under the transformation mode physically and mentally because we all are human beings. And as an actor, when you play a role for five and a half years, it takes little time to flush out everything that you have learned. So I'm at the unlearning process right now so that I can transform myself mentally and physically and come up with a new avatar again on the screen whenever I pick up something. But yes, a few things are lined up and when they materialize, I will definitely announce it.
Sanjay Gangani is a prominent actor who was last seen in KundalI Bhagya as Prithvi Malhotra.

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more updates!

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