Mera Balam Thanedaar: Audience discourages the underage on-screen romance between Shagun Pandey and Shruti Choudhary; calls it ‘Disgusting’, Here’s why... – AUDIENCE VERDICT

The audience feels that the female lead of the show, Shruti is underage and the idea of her romancing a male lead older to her age is inappropriate and has called out the same on social media.
Shagun Pandey

MUMBAI: Colors' Mera Balam Thanedaar has been entertaining viewers with the journey of two contrasting individuals, Bulbul (portrayed by Shruti Choudhary) and Veer (played by Shagun Pandey), who are trying to win each other’s trust and navigate their married life.

Amassing love for his portrayal, Shagun Pandey goes beyond the script to embody the role of Veer, the IPS Officer, with unparalleled authenticity. But what's his secret? It goes beyond mere acting; for Pandey, it's about fully immersing himself in the character, and that includes making fitness a cornerstone of his lifestyle. To step into Veer's shoes, Shagun doesn't settle for just hitting the gym; he brings the gym to him! Yes, you heard it right – amidst the chaotic shooting schedules, Shagun has ingeniously carved out his own fitness haven by setting up a makeshift gym on the show's sets.

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Remaining faithful to his character, he sculpts his physique by embracing a regimen that incorporates a strict diet, cardio, compound exercises, calisthenics, and essential rest to achieve the desired muscular appearance.

The audience feels that the female lead of the show, Shruti is underage and the idea of her romancing a male lead older to her age is inappropriate and has called out the same on social media.

Take a look:

Reva Agate shares, “I cannot imagine why is such a young girl is cast to perform such romantic scenes at such a young age. Isn't it straight up pdf-file? (Read – paedophile)”.

Aja Amble says, “It is disgusting to see a pairing and romance of a minor with the male lead. There have been many shows which have had such romances earlier too and I do not encourage this. There are many other actress to perform such scenes and if minors are cast for it, then makers should not showcase too much of romance.”

Marjane Bajaj mentions, “I think we are making a great deal out of all this. If the lead is okay performing romantic scenes, the audience should not have a problem with it. Television shows cater to mass audience and they will never show something which is inappropriate.”

Deven Bala expresses, “I liked the initial episodes and the cute banters between them but now there is an overdose of romance and physical touching.”

Kavi Balakrishnan argues, “It is ridiculous to think this as the audience themselves ship names and then we speak ill about it. It is a choice and the lead actors have signed up for it. It is a part of their job and I am sure that they will be made to do nothing against their wish.”

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