Synopsis: Bigg Boss - Double Trouble Day 99

Bigg Boss

The housemates wake up to Sunny Leone’s song ‘Laila’. The day starts with Keith remembering Rimi’s prediction about Prince, Mandana and him being the finalists. Mandana complains to Keith about not receiving any encouragement from the housemates regarding anything and how she has been underestimated at every point in the game. Prince complains about the plate being dirty after which Mandana and Rochelle joke about Prince being the diva of the house.

After a while, Bigg Boss gives Rochelle a secret task and gives her in-ear headphones to follow the instructions. Further, Rochelle is hijacked by Sunny Leone and given a set of challenges to complete during the day like giving a peck on the cheek to all the three boys, flirting with Prince and Rishabh, getting into an argument with Mandana, spontaneous pillow fight with Keith and barking like a dog in the midst of a conversation. Rochelle is required to complete the tasks without letting the other ideas know about the task. Rochelle is given tasks such as. After the tasks are over, Rochelle visibly looks worried about Keith being upset about is worried about her flirting with Rishabh and Prince. However, Keith clarifies that he is not bothered by what Rochelle has done as he trusts her.

Evening brings a pleasant surprise for the housemates as Sunny Leone enters the house on the tune of ‘Mastizade’. Sunny reveals Rochelle’s secret task to the housemates when they are left stunned by Rochelle’s convincing acting skills. She gives everyone a task to spot the most Mastizada contestant and declare him/her as the winner. The boys give a TV audition in which Keith is dressed up like tiger while Rishabh is dressed as a bunny. Prince is given a task to romance a vessel and he names it Nora! The task brings out everyone’s funny side and Sunny is thoroughly entertained. Later, the girls perform a car wash task while the boys have to pick the hottest girl. Keith, Rishabh and Prince vote for Rochelle as the hottest girl while this upsets Mandana.


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