Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Damini bribes watchman and enters Naira’s Goa house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Damini bribes watchman and enters Naira’s Goa house

MUMBAI: The episode sees how Vedika confronts Naira and they engage in a heated argument. Later, Kartik vents his anger while Kairav overhears Swarna and Naira's conversation. Kairav overhears Naira and Swarna talk about his custody and wondered what did custody mean, for which both his parents were fighting. Mr. Kumar informs Naira about their hearing and tells her to be on time. The next morning, Naira tries to divert Kairav so that he would be willing to stay with Kaveri and Devyani. 

Meanwhile, Damini bribes the watchman and entered Naira’s Goa house to find clue against her. Just then, Liza, who was staying at Naira’s Goa house for few days come and finds the house lights on. Seeing the watchman busy on a call, Liza quietly entered while Damini was engrossed in going through Naira’s cupboard. Liza spots Damini in Naira’s house and gets shocked to see a stranger go through Naira’s cupboard. Damini lies to Liza and tells her that she was Naira’s lawyer and that she had sent her to fetch documents on her behalf to be able to win the case. Liza picks up the phone to re-check with Naira but Damini tells Liza that Naira was already worried for the case and not to call her and make her worried. 

Kairav agrees to stay with Kaveri without creating a fuss and Naira wondered how did Kairav agree so easily. She then expresses her love for her son and tells him how much she loved him. Kairav tells Naira that Kartik had told him the same thing a while ago and wondered what their secret was. Here, Kartik and Vedika leave for court and Vedika gets nervous to see a stranger with a particular kind of tattoo in his hand. She drops Kartik to the court and leaves wishing him luck. The stranger on the bike makes a mental note of Vedika’s car number and while she left, he followed her. 

Naira informs Liza about the hearing and tells her to pray for her. While conversing with Liza, Naira tells her that Damini was fighting from Kartik’s side. Liza gets worried and tried to call Naira and inform her about Damini’s presence at her house last night. Naira switches off her phone, as Mr. Kumar was briefing her about the proceedings. Liza gets worried and prays to God to protect Naira’s interest while Damini tricked them and collected some document which she could use against her.


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