Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik teases Naira for getting so touchy

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

MUMBAI: The episode sees how Kartik, Naira and Kairav sit for the henna ceremony as Kairav and Kartik had agreed to apply henna on their hands too. Naira worries about where Vedika is and Suhasini tells her that she’s in her room drying her clothes. Kartik asks Naira to stop worrying and smile. Samarth compliments Gayu and she thanks him for everything. Soon, Naira asks everyone to dance and sing. Kaveri plays the dholak and they all dance together and celebrate the henna ceremony. Vedika watches everyone celebrating and resents it. Naira notices Vedika watching them from afar and goes to confront her. But when she stops Vedika, she shuns Naira angrily. She apologies and leaves Naira confused. As Vedika goes outside, she meets Pallavi. Pallavi sees Vedika struggling to breathe and helps her calm down and regain her breath. Pallavi asks her if she is unable to leave Kartik and his family. She asks Vedika to rethink her decision as she tried her level best to get away from them but she couldn’t. She asks her if she can divorce Kartik or not. Naira goes inside and talks to Suhasini about Vedika.

Suhasini tells Naira that she had advised them to not bring Vedika into the house again as it will complicate things but they never listened to her. Pallavi makes Vedika understand that she sacrificed so much for the family and waited so long for Kartik to accept her. She asks Vedika to let tomorrow’s court date go if she’s unsure about her decision or else she would regret later. Naira wonders why did Vedika shun her. She feels like Vedika wasn’t just angry but was filled with hatred for her. Pallavi asks Vedika to trust her as she would always think for her betterment. Soon Naira arrives there and Pallavi leaves. Vedika sees the henna on Naira’s hand and feels bad. She leaves and goes inside the house. Kartik shows everyone the colour of the henna on his hands. Everyone tells him that his love for Naira is so much that his henna’s colour has turned out to be darker than everyone’s else’s. Vedika sees this and feels worse.

Kartik goes outside to show Naira his henna’s colour. He holds Naira and flirts with her but she begins to talk about Vedika. He leaves her and says that he came here to show her his henna but she wants to talk about Vedika. He shows her his henna and tells her how pretty it is but Naira acknowledges it very subtly. He gets upset and Naira tries to cheer him up. She tries to get his hands in front of him so that she can see his henna. Kartik teases Naira for getting so touchy. He asks her to save the intimacy for the night-time. Naira reminds him and says that she will try to find her name in his hands at night and he would fall asleep. Kartik tells her that this time he won’t fall asleep and would not let her sleep too. Later, Naira goes to Vedika’s room as she sits with her lights off. She asks Vedika to tell her if she wants to say something to them. She tells her that it’s a very important day for them tomorrow and she wants to start afresh. Vedika doesn’t tell Naira what is going on in her mind. Later at night, Vedika stands at the door with a bag in her hand. Suhasini comes into the living room talking to Swarna about Vedika. She tells Swarna that she can tell by Vedika’s face what is going on in her mind which is why she cannot trust her. Vedika overhears them talking and they both see Vedika too. They see a bag in her hand and wonder what she’s about to do. Vedika tells them that Gayu had asked for some decorative items which she has brought. She tells Suhasini that she didn’t know she disliked her so much. Suhasini leaves angrily but Swarna asks Vedika to not mind Suhasini’s words as she knows her nature. Vedika agrees and turns to leave when she sees a board saying ‘Kartik Weds Naira’.


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