Check out the temporal transformation of the cast of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Read on to check out how has the poignant casts of Star Plus' one of the longest-running Hindi shows - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has transformed drastically overtime...

MUMBAI: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is one of the most loved Hindi TV serials of all times which is currently being aired on the small-screen over a span of over 10 years now, which makes it the fourth-longest Indian television show.

Produced by ace serial producer Rajan Shahi, it initially starred telly actors Hina Khan and Karan Mehra in the lead roles. With a generation's leap and after the tragic demise of Hina's on-screen character of Akshara Singhania herein, the show's main plot is currently revolving around the lives of the new on-screen leads of the show of Naira Singhania and Kartik Goenka, who are being portrayed by telly actors Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan.

Owing to unlikely circumstances, in a series of recent developments, Naira's character is declared to be dead while Shivangi is now playing the role of late Naira's doppelganger - Sirat Shekhawat, who hails from Rishikesh and aspires to be a boxer. 

With the circumstantial entrance of Sirat into the life of the Goenka family, the story is currently revolving around her bonding with widower Kartik.

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The fact that this show has crossed it's decadal landmark is it's very own achievement in itself which needs a mention to highlight the focus of the show's current plot, how far has it shifted from it's initial plot and how well have the on-screen characters of the show embraced every transformation they had to undergo to enhance their performance on-screen.

Talking about their overall transformation, a quick down-the-line journey of every YRKKH's characters to recall their visual and delivery transformation is totally worth a mention. This even applies to the new actors who've recently joined the show to portray new characters as it's for having a stellar cast on board, owing to which all these actors have gained an immense reputation with the various shows they had been a part of, through their iconic roles, that made it's way into the hearts of their fans. 

From YRKKH's core-characters like Hina Khan to the current newcomers like Karan Kundra, let's take a brief look at the overall transformation of these stars as actors and telly fames...

1. Hina Khan

Hina Khan played the show's primary lead role of Akshara Singhania herein. Her transformation within this decade is prominently noticeable as over this period, she has worked out immensely to attain a perfect figure and her sudden make-over post-quitting YRKKH is definitely worth the mention. Her style-statement's versatility is by far the most creative in the Hindi television industry so far.

2. Karan Mehra

In this span of 10 years, even actor Karan Mehra's transformation, who played the lead role of Naitik Singhania (opposite to Hina Khan's Akshara), is truly commendable. Who could've thought that the clean-shaven Naitik would look like a hunk while sporting that sexy stubble someday...

3. Shivansh Kotia

Shivansh played the role of young Naksh Singhania herein (son of Akshara and Naitik Singhania). By now, the kiddo has turned into a teenager and looks like he has just hit puberty.

4. Rohan Mehra

Rohan Mehra, who also claimed immense fame in the Bigg Boss house, grabbed his first prominent small-screen role by portraying the life of a late-teen Naksh Singhania as the show's parallel lead in YRKKH. His performance in the show was remarkable.

5. Shehzad Sheikh

Shehzad is currently playing the role of a middle-aged Naksh Singhania. He is nailing his role on-screen as a doting husband to wife Keerti Singhania and a doting brother to younger sister Naira Singhania.

6. Ashnoor Kaur

Ashnoor played the childhood role of Akshara and Naitik's younger child and Naksh Singhania's younger sister - Naira Singhania. She was there in the show through it's poignant phase, till she eloped to Rishikesh as a juvenile out of fear.

7. Shivangi Joshi

Shivangi portrayed the role of Naira Singhania/ Goenka from her late-teens to her adult phase. Her character gets married to Kartik Goenka and the duo have 3 children together. As of now, post-Naira's untimely death, Shivangi is portraying the role of a boxer named Sirat Shekhawat, who is also Naira's doppelganger. Hence, Shivangi's makeover for the different phases of both her characters of Naira and Sirat is the most dynamic one so far.

8. Mohsin Khan

Mohsin plays the parallel (now main) lead role of Kartik Goenka in YRKKH, who is a doting son, former husband to late Naira Goenka and a dear father to his three kids. Hence, he portrays the transformation of a chocolate-boy to a responsible and an adult single father.

9. Harsha Khandeparkar

Harsha plays the current role of Keerti Goenka/ Singhania, who is Kartik's elder sister and Naksh Singhania's wife. With this role, actress Harsha has also undergone an eminent transformation with time.

10. Kanchi Singh

Kanchi played the young role of Naksh and Naira's cousin sister Gayu, who later married Kartik's youngest uncle Samarth Goenka. With time, actress Kanchi Singh has also undergone a major makeover, which is truly goals!

11. Aarambh Trehan Sehgal

Aarambh plays the role of a young Kairav Goenka - younger son of Naira and Kartik. Taking the reference of one of his childhood pictures, Aarambh's transformation is the most natural one in the form of a toddler's growth. The kid looks very cute indeed!

12. Reem Sheikh

The all-time lively and bubbly actress Reem Sheikh, who had started off her showbiz career as a child artiste, had portrayed the role of Chikki aka Prerna Singhania herein, who was adopted by the Singhania family as Naitik's 'rakhi-sister'. Reem's timely transformation is a visual treat for both her fans and for one and all.

13. Sachin Tyagi

It's reportedly believed that actor Sachin, who plays the role of Manish Goenka (father of Kartik Goenka and the eldest cousin-brother of Samarth Goenka), was a local band's vocalist at a point of time, owing to which he used to have long tresses. However, he got it all chopped-off post embarking upon his showbiz journey, which was spotted as his primary transformation. Now with time, he looks like an old man who had definitely aged like fine-wine!

14. Ali Hassan

Actor Ali portrays the role of Akhilesh Goenka in the show, the younger brother of Manish Goenka and the younger uncle of Kartik Goenka. Since his initial days of showbiz life with shows like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and others, Ali has definitely come a long way in terms of physical transformation.

15. Vrushika Mehta

The D3 fame - Vrushika Mehta was seen in YRKKH after taking a long break from the industry as a mental-therapist named Dr. Ridhima. She was seen nursing and caring for little Kairav Goenka, helping him to cope with his trauma. This was the first time she even portrayed a negative role as owing to personal lackings, she tried separating Kartik-Naira by using Kairav. In terms of both physical and on-screen performance transformation, Vrushika is surely setting no limits with new milestones. 

16. Hrishikesh Pandey

Hrishikesh has been a part of many Hindi shows till date and is known for his fine acting chops. After his long career in this field, he is currently seen portraying the negative role of Mukesh Rathore herein, who is Sirat Shekhawat's step-dad and a sportsperson. Over the years, Hrishikesh has definitely elevated his fitness quotient.

17. Ashita Dhawan

Ashita is also a renowned TV actress who's known for her fine acting chops on-screen, even through supporting roles. In YRKKH, she's playing the role of Sirat's delusional mother who's every move is driven by her greed and selfishness. She is also setting her showbiz-bar higher with her current role and her young beauty is intact even at her real age.

18. Priyamvada Kant

Priyamvada Kant has refined her way into both physical transformation and acting, by portraying the role of widower Kartik's potential suitor who wants to get rid of Sirat from the lives of the Goenkas.

19. Karan Kundra

Talking about the big-time on-screen legend, Karan Kundra's transformation can be well-understood through his fanbase, which was formed right after his first on-screen debut in the youth love-story drama - Kitani Mohabbat Hai. Since then, the actor's every single move is buzz-while in the industry. With time, his fans got to witness his epic transformation which is all about goals! He's currently portraying the role of Sirat's former lover Ranveer in the show. 

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