Exclusive! Ali Baba: Dastan-E-Kabul: Ali Baba to kill all the 40 chor?

Ali Baba - Dastan-E-Kabul has garnered a lot of eyes, but does the show meet the expectations of the public? The new twist will keep you interested.
Exclusive! Ali Baba: Dastan-E-Kabul: Ali Baba to kill all the 40 chor?

MUMBAI :  Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul is an Indian fantasy television series based on Ali Baba from Arabian Nights. Sheezan Mohammed Khan, Tunisha Sharma, Kartik Jayaram, and Sayantani Ghosh star in this film produced by Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez under Peninsula Pictures.

The premise of the show is simple, and so far, the story that we have been told is that in the Mamuli Gali of Kabul, Ali Baba lives with five orphans, Gulrez, Himaad, Poya, Nafi, and Alifi. Despite being poor, Ali Baba is a very good person at heart who is unaware of his destiny and talent. He always gets flashbacks of his childhood when his father Mustafa trapped all 40 thieves in a stone grave until the moon was secured in the sky. 

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Previously, we saw how Simsim is frustrated and trying to figure out who the Jaadugar in Kabul was who killed her Mayaavi Saap and has challenged her in this way.

She, along with her 40 thieves, is also trying to safeguard their treasure and make sure that nobody has found out about it.

On one hand, where Simsim is planning her revenge, Qasim will change into a new person. He will be joyous and loving towards his wife Nadira and will be extremely happy. The reason behind his happiness will be his realisation of how much he loves his brother, and the love that he has for his wife. Qasim will truly look like a changed man.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, we will see that Ali is frustrated with all the thieves and he wants to find a solution to them.

The 40 Chor have always been behind Ali and have been on high alert since Simsim’s snake was killed.

Ali is trying to find a way in, and Poya reveals to everyone that he talks to Rakhwala. Mariam wants to find out who the Rakhwala is, but because Poya does not want Mariam to find out the truth, he tries to divert her. But Mariam is very interested to find out what happens.

Ali, on the other hand, decides to find a way to finish the 40 chor.

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