Rakhi Sawant breaks down in tears and appears unrecognizable as she struggles to walk following tumor surgery

Rakhi's condition was updated by Ritesh on his Instagram account on Monday. He also told fans that she had walked for the first time after her May 18 surgery. Rakhi was taken to the hospital owing to pain in her abdomen, where a 10-centimeter tumor was found and needed to be removed right away.

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Rakhi Sawant's bail plea due to her health REJECTED: Overjoyed Adil Khan Durrani says ‘Satyameva Jayate’

Rakhi relocated to Dubai in November of last year and recently returned to India for a court hearing related to her ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani. We've heard that the judge denied the actress's attorneys' request for a bail plea due to her health. Adil is overjoyed.

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Is Rakhi Sawant getting death threats? Her ex-husband Ritesh says ‘We are informing the police about it’

While speaking with a few reporters in Mumbai on Tuesday, Ritesh said that a few people are troubling Rakhi and threatening to kill her. Ritesh stated he knew who these people were, but he wouldn't reveal their identities, claiming he wouldn't do so until he had all the necessary proof.

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Rakhi Sawant shares a health update in a viral video; She will be undergoing surgery today?

After a few tests, doctors found a tumor in Rakhi's uterus, according to an exclusive health update that her ex-husband, Ritesh Raj Singh, shared with the popular news portal. Rakhi Sawant has now provided a new health update via a video clip, revealing that she will be having surgery on Saturday.

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Rakhi Sawant to get arrested? Her bail plea was REJECTED; Adil Khan claims the court asked her to surrender soon!

He stated that Rakhi had been ordered to surrender herself before the Mumbai court within four weeks as initially her plea for bail was denied by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court reportedly exclaimed to Rakhi that her bail plea would be considered only after she surrendered. Currently, the actress is in Dubai right now.

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