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SHOCKER! Bigg Boss 16 contestant Sajid Khan faces another allegation over sexual misconduct; Popular Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterejee recalls her meeting with the director

<p>Rani agreed since Sajid was a big director and went to his Juhu residence where he was alone. Sajid talked about casting her for the song, ‘Dhoka Dhoka’ in the film and how she will have to wear a short lehenga for the same.</p>

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Shocking! 'Are you just a bhaijaan of influential people and not outsiders like us?' Asks Sherlyn Chopra as she took a dig at Bigg Boss host Salman Khan over Sajid Khan’s presence in the house

<p>She displayed her disgruntlement over the fact in a recent interview with another portal and said that the message sent is that its ok to molest a woman, to touch her inappropriately and to flash your private parts because in the end, you would be absolved in the eyes of the public given you are backed by big content makers and channels.</p>

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Bigg Boss 16: BOLD! “If someone is a sexual predator, he is a sexual predator. Bas, khatam.”- Uorfi Javed on Sajid Khan’s Bigg Boss participation; video below

<p><strong>Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16 has sparked a big debate on social media. He has been accused by many of sexual abuse toward women. Fashion influencer, Uorfi Javed has shared her discontent with his participation. Watch the video below.</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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