EXCLUSIVE! Aditi Bhagat REPLACES Sayli Salunkhe in Colors' Spy Bahu as Drishti

<p>The situation becomes deadly as a gun shooting takes place in the hotel where Sejal and Yohan are also there. Sejal and Yohan try to stay safe and Sejal gets really scared. When Sejal hugs Yohan tightly, this becomes a bonding moment between Yohan and Sejal where they also share an eye-lock moment.</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! 'Playing a combination of a cop who is also a terrorist is very intriguing and exciting' Abhishek aka Waseem Mushtaq SHARES insights on his character, reaction to Sayli quitting Spy Bahu and more

When she discussed this with me, my only advice to her was that as a human being and actor you have to be a little selfish, when it comes to career growth this step would be great for her career and I think she did the right thing and everyone supported her

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EXCLUSIVE! Abhishek's true identity unveils; he is the terrorist that Sejal has been looking for in Colors' Spy Bahu

Sejal pretends to be unconscious. Later, she wakes up while the Nanda family is busy with the delegates. Sejal serves Gujarati food to Mr Shah and he feels very happy. When he asks her for an introduction, very confidently she tells him in front of everyone that she is Nanda house’s chhoti bahu, Yohan’s wife.

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