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Woah! BTS' Kim Taehyung's appetite comes as a surprise to the staff in the military camp, ARMY shocked to know about his weight prior the listing

BTS members are now in the military. Of late, pics of RM and Kim Taehyung aka V went viral from the Nonsen camp. We could see the two looking handsome as ever in uniform. Fans also noticed how Kim Taehyung aka V looked like a mirror image of his father.

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OMG! Police arrests BTS singer V's stalker, who followed him into his apartment

On Friday, the Gangnam Police of Seoul, South Korea arrested a stalker who visited BTS singer V aka Kim Taehyung's apartment last night. The stalker is a woman in her 20s. Naver News reported that help was dispatched from Gangnam Police Station after receiving a report from the building's security guard.

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Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri starrer Space Sweepers delayed yet again

MUMBAI: Fans hoping to watch Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri's upcoming space movie Space Sweepers will have to wait longer. The sci-fi movie was previously delayed to release in September. However, it has been revealed that the movie is getting a new release date again. The delay in release has been decided after there was a resurgence of COVID 19 cases in South Korea, especially in Seoul metropolitan area. This has led to push the government into taking stricter measures to curb the surge. 

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BTS announces In the SOOP BTS ver

MUMBAI: August is going to be a thrilling roller coaster ride for ARMY as BTS is not only kickstarting its comeback with a new single release but the septet is also launching a new reality show. While buzz had already started making the rounds for In the SOOP BTS Ver., we've finally got confirmed news. Soop means forest in Korean and hence, we'll see the members spending quality time in the woods while the concept is to spend time doing activities that are "somewhere in between everyday life and leisure."

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