Sudesh Berry

EXCLUSIVE! I will miss my squad from the sets of Choti Sarrdaarni: Adhik Mehta on the show going off-air

<p>We always encouraged each other. Being an actor is difficult, you have keep all your emotional baggage at home when you are on the set as viewers are not aware about what are we going through off-screen, my co-stars here have been so motivating and helpful, I shall miss all of this.&nbsp;</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! So when I cannot justify a dialect, it makes no sense for me to be a part of a project where I cannot contribute my 100 percent: Sudesh Berry on QUITTING Harphoul Mohini

Featuring Shagun Sharma, Zebby Singh and Amal Sehrawat, the makers have roped in Tej Sapru to play Balwant Chaudhary in Harphoul Mohini, which is set against the Haryanvi backdrop. Veteran actor Sudesh Berry who has his career spanning across a decade has opted out of the show.

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