Check out these Indian actors at FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Fans are taking full advantage of the all-time high level of football mania. It is therefore all but inevitable for some of them to visit the biggest athletic event in the world. Here is a list of Indian actors who have so far attended the FIFA World Cup in Qatar
Mouni roy

MUMBAI: Fans are taking full advantage of the all-time high level of football mania. This FIFA World Cup 2022, which is taking place in Qatar, is one of the most memorable ones in recent memory, starting with England's thrashing of Iran by a score of 6-1 and ending with Argentina's shocking defeat to Saudi Arabia.
It is therefore all but inevitable for some of them to visit the biggest athletic event in the world and see this display of enchantment with their own eyes in this era of social media dominance where every renowned celebrity is busy providing material for their devoted fans.
 Here is a list of Indian actors who have so far attended the FIFA World Cup in Qatar:

Mouni Roy

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Mouni Roy is one of the most well-known TV actors to enter Bollywood. The "Brahmastra" actress was sighted at the quarterfinal between Argentina and the Netherlands with her husband, Suraj Nambiar. As she supported the Argentinian side, Mouni even shared photos of herself and her spouse on social media with the phrase "Vamossss Argentina" (Go Argentina). To demonstrate their support for the team, Mouni Roy and her husband were seen sporting Argentina jerseys.

Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone is one of Bollywood's most well-known actors. The diva has dominated the film industry for more than ten years, and because to her international notoriety, she has represented India at numerous international gatherings, including the FIFA World Cup. The 2022 FIFA World Cup trophy will be unveiled by Deepika Padukone at the championship game at the Lusail Iconic Stadium, making her the first Indian to do so.

Ranveer Singh

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It is not surprising that Ranveer Singh is one of the few Bollywood actors to travel to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. The FIFA World Cup final, which will take place on December 18, has sent an invitation to Ranveer Singh. He is one of the select few Bollywood actors invited to the event, where he will represent India and meet briefly with some of the important sports figures who have also been invited.

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Aamir Khan

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Aamir Khan was recently sighted at a FIFA World Cup match with his ex-wife Kiran Rao and their kid Azad Rao Khan. Aamir Khan, who was most recently seen in the film "Laal Singh Chaddha," was quite kind to the fans who approached him to take pictures with him. After their brief journey to Qatar for the World Cup, Aamir and his family were seen together outside the Mumbai airport.

Manushi Chillar

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Manushi Chhillar, another Bollywood actress, was seen with Mouni Roy at the Argentina vs. Netherlands game. The Miss World 2017 victor, who recently appeared on screen in the film "Samrat Prithviraj" with actor Akshay Kumar, was photographed with her rumoured beau, Nikhil Kamath.

Siddhant Chaturvedi

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Siddhant Chaturvedi, a Bollywood actor, will also represent India at the FIFA World Cup finals. The actor from "Geheraiyaan," shared a photo on Instagram with American rapper Lil' Baby to announce the impending release of the FIFA World Cup Anthem, which will be made available during the World Cup finals. Siddhant Chaturvedi is one of the very few Bollywood performers to receive an official invitation to the FIFA World Cup Final, marking another significant moment for Indians everywhere.

Dino Morea

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Dino Morea posted a story of him enjoying the FIFA 2022 semi-finals as he poses for the camera with hands in the air with the stadium and the crowd in the background. Only from the picture, we can tell just how excited the actor was when this picture was taken.


Aditya Seal along with wife Anushka Ranjan

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This is one among the multiple reels Aditya Seal has posted about the amazing time he had as he attended the FIFA 2022 World Cup semi-finals with his wife Anushka Ranjan and A group of friends.

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