Good Publicity Stunt! How can Palak Tiwari qualify herself as a NEPOKID when Television is one of the CLEANEST INDUSTRIES?

While this is a huge debate in and around the Bollywood industry, TV is renowned to introduce fresh talent and give a fair opportunity to talent. It is a huge industry where there is a place for everyone. But looks like actress Palak Tiwari thinks otherwise.

MUMBAI: Nepotism has become quite a heated debate in the entertainment industry.

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What is called nepotism in Bollywood is known as "connection" everywhere else. Selection based on family and friends is common in schools, colleges, and workplaces, even outside India's many family-run conglomerates, whose top positions are occupied by members of the founding families.

It is no lie that nepotistic culture in the film industry has hindered the professional growth of innumerable talented individuals who had dreamt of making a name for themselves. While a director or producer is free to choose the people he wants to work with, the problem arises when cartels are formed to steal fair opportunities from the meritorious.

While this is a huge debate in and around the Bollywood industry, TV is renowned to introduce fresh talent and give a fair opportunity to talent. It is a huge industry where there is a place for everyone. But looks like actress Palak Tiwari thinks otherwise.

Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak Tiwari is all set to take Bollywood by storm with her debut film Rosie: The Saffron Chapter. She has often been targeted for being a celebrity kid and in a recent interview, Palak mentioned, “I believe that outsiders are marginalized and to a sense that is true, maybe sometimes they are overlooked. But you know there are equal cons I would say of being related to someone that has made it. More than anything else, just the pressure of living up to what they have created and the love that audiences have for them. I know, that no matter what I do, people will always think that my mom is better and that is something that I have never refuted in my life and I will never because she is better. I am a part of her. I am a much smaller part of her. So for me to grow where she is, it will take me a lot of time. But also, my mom had a lot of struggles in her life from a young age.”

Palak also mentioned that it's the right of the parents to provide for their children. Speaking about nepotism she added that parents work hard to make the lives of their children comfortable.

Now a section of people who are ardent lovers of television have come together to slam Palak’s views stating that TV is one of the cleanest platforms and there is no nepotism.

Aaradhya Jain shares, “TV is known to give equal opportunities to all who are stars and newcomers too. From young talents to aged, the platform has a place for all. How can Palak talk about nepotism in TV? She has been given a fair chance not because her mother is a superstar but because TV accommodates people and has no dearth of work.”

Aditya Motwani avers, “There’s no time for favouritism and Television is such a place that accepts everyone without prejudice and discrimination is what I feel. I feel being a star kid of a TV personality has just helped her market herself better and give a push to her career by pulling off such statements.”

Sagarika Patel mentions, “Pick anyone on television, all of them are outsiders. From top to middle, everyone has come from different backgrounds and TV has embraced them and made them stars, and relevant actors. Everyone has had their share of struggles so Palak cannot claim about nepotism in the TV industry and how her mother has worked hard and that ‘outsiders are marginalized and overlooked.’”

Harshita Vadhan comments, “In that case, Pandya Store actor Kanwar Dhillon’s father, Deep Dhillon, is a huge name in Bollywood and has worked in a plethora of Bollywood films. Kanwar, has never used his nepotism card to gain publicity. “

Disha Thakkar adds, “I do not agree. Nepotism does exist, maybe not on a very big scale. But yes, being a daughter or a son of a personality does make a difference not only in getting work but also to push their  career, and along with that, there are cons as well as they are under scrutiny continuously and are judged for the statements they make.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments section below!

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