I am quite happy with my big screen debut with Lekar Hum Deewana Dil - Sudeep Sahir

Sudeep Sahir
Sudeep Sahir, the chocolate boy of television who has enacted lead roles in shows like Jabb Love Hua, Santaan, Behenein and Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki is excited about his debut on the big screen with Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. The romantic drama movie stars Armaan Jain and Deeksha Sheth in lead roles. Sudeep is seen essaying the parallel lead of Dev in the movie. The tale of how Sudeep bagged the movie is interesting in itself, as the guy was spotted at his gym and was offered the character, that of the male lead’s brother. Talking about the incident, Sudeep tells Tellychakkar.com, “Actually I was working out at my gym when I got a call from the casting person of this movie. Since there was quite a lot of noise around, I could not clearly hear the production house’s name, and when the person said I have been offered to play the second lead, I instantly refused as I have never done a second lead role in a TV show before. When the person stressed on the fact that it was a movie to be produced by Illuminati Films, I decided to meet them in person. On meeting the Director Arif Ali, I realized that he used to come to the same gym I went to. And it was Arif who had noticed me, and wanted to cast me in the role of Dev. When I expressed my inhibition on playing the parallel lead, Arif Sir narrated the story to me and promised to give me a good body of work in the movie, with enough screen space. And I am a satisfied man today, as I have got exactly what was promised to me.” On his role of the big brother in the movie, Sudeep explains, “I play the role of Dev, who is the elder brother of the lead, played by Armaan. We were supposed to be the good and naughty brothers, wherein I am the good one and Armaan the naughty one. I had a great time shooting with Armaan, he is a nice guy. My character is supposed to be the anchor in Dino’s (Armaan) life. I am the only person who can save him out of a problem, and also take the ass out of him when he is wrong. In total, he respects and loves me, and is even scared of me. For me, he is the fun quotient in my life. He in fact pushes me to go and get my girl. So it is a funny and nice equation between the brothers.” Sudeep and newbie Armaan Jain hit it off well, both on and off the screen. Well, they were the best buddies, when it came to sneaking out and eating their favourite food. “In fact, we both were supposed to exhibit a great camaraderie and bonding on screen. Hence, we were asked by our Director to meet often so that we develop a good off-screen bond. So Armaan and I decided to meet out during our readings. And soon we realized that both of us were big time foodies. And trust me, as our readings progressed, our main agenda was to decide where to meet and what to eat (laughs). To tell you honestly, we exhausted all the cafes and eateries in Bandra by the time our reading sessions ended. Actually, whenever there were dining table sequences to be shot at home, everyone in the unit would get aware of our eating pattern, as we once finished nearly five jars of peanut butter between us.” On the most memorable moment on the sets, Sudeep narrates, “There was this funny sequence wherein Armaan was to get slapped by our mother. And trust me, he would have got slapped nearly 75-80 times. It was really hilarious as the mother turned red, redder and really red as the scene went through. Also, Armaan used to literally get hurt everyday while shooting. So when we used to get few rare days when Armaan did not get hurt, we wondered what was wrong with the day.” Now that Lekar Hum Deewana Dil released yesterday, we ask Sudeep about the response and satisfaction he has got by being part of it. “I think the idea was that the movie should be presented well, and I should have a meaty role to play in it. Also, the movie had to get promoted well, with releases happening in many screens. I should admit that I am happy and satisfied with everything. I am quite happy with my debut in Bollywood. Initially, I was apprehensive in taking up the second lead’s role, but it would have been stupid of me to let go this offer coming from a good production house.” On future plans, the young lad states, “I am always open to television. I have got this film due to the popularity that I have gained in TV. I am open to good offers on television, and I would love to do that any time.” Sudeep, we wish you great luck!!

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