MTV Roadies Season 19: Exclusive! “I thought Prince Narula would play a fair game, but he was unfair during the first task; Rhea would always talk to Prince through Gautam and hence, the fights used to trigger” - Prem Shilu

The new season of MTV Roadies has begun and the audience has given it thumbs up. Prem is one of the contestants of the show who is in Prince Narula’s team. TellyChakkar got in touch with Prem and asked him the real reason of the fight between Prince and Gautam and how was the experience working with Prince Narula.

MUMBAI: MTV Roadies is one of the longest-running and most-viewed reality shows. This youth show has an immense fan following and many dream about becoming a Roadie.

However, being a Roadie is not a piece of cake. Right from group interviews to personal interview rounds, it takes a lot to be on a journey of becoming a Roadie and winning the title.

Last season, the concept had been changed. The ‘life’ of the show, Rannvijay wasn’t a part of it. The actor was replaced by Sonu Sood.

Also, last season was all about ex-contestants vs new contestants. One new roadie contestant was paired up with an ex-contestant to perform the task.

Sonu Sood has returned as the host for the new season and he is doing a fantastic job!

This season, the concept of gang leaders is back; Rhea Chakraborty, Prince Narula, and Gautam Gulati are the new leaders of the season.

Finally, the gang leaders have got their group and they are all set to begin their journey on the show.

Prem Shilu is one of the contestants on the show and he belongs to Prince Narula’s team.

He came out as a very strong contestant on the show and the audience are liking his game as he understands the pulse of the show.

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TellyChakkar got in touch with Prem and asked him the real reason for the fights between Prince and Gautam and how was the experience working with Prince Narula.

How has the journey been in MTV Roadies Season 19 from the audition to being the contestant of the show?

The journey of Roadies since the start has been good, as gang leader Prince did make us understand about underdogs that he will eliminate us so that he can save his strong contestants. This however fell against him as all the underdogs are performing and they have a strong alliance and now the underdogs have become the strong contestants. When the vote out happens, we were told not to vote for the strong contestants and whenever fights happen abuses were thrown, but I was sure that I wouldn’t abuse as a respect to the show and the leaders. My character would be clean in the show.

What is the reason behind Prince and Gautam’s fights?

The reason for the fights is that Prince wanted to play a fair game but then Rhea and Gautam used to team up together and they used to target Prince. That’s why he used to get angry and Rhea Ma’am used to not talk to Prince directly, but through Gautam.

How was the experience of being in Prince Narula’s team?

If I see the first task, I thought he would be fair and play the task but he was unfair. He didn’t share his experience and even after we won the task. We didn’t get any appreciation but we were told that we lost and I really felt bad. Then he kept telling me I would like to see how the underdogs play but we all knew his motive.

Well, there is no doubt that Prem is emerging as one of the strongest players in the show and he does understand the game.

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