Year Ender! Check out the top 5 favourite male characters that sadly ended

It’s not necessarily the lead characters of the show that always spread the charm. Sometimes there are also some other characters that steal the show and get all the admiration from the viewers.
Check out the top 5

MUMBAI: Television shows have become a big part of people’s lives now. The actors trend everyday on social media and fans of various shows freely give their opinions and display their emotions, be it for something good or bad.

It’s not necessarily the lead characters of the show that always spread the charm. Sometimes there are also some other characters that steal the show and get all the admiration from the viewers.

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Unfortunately, be it lead or not, every character has to end someday.

As the year is coming to an end, we are here with 5 of your favourite male characters that ended in the show.

1.     Samrat from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin (Star Plus)

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin has really come a long way with its storyline peaking the emotion-bar. The story revolves around how Sai and Virat got married and how Pakhi tried to create a rift between the couple as she wanted to marry Virat. One of Pakhi’s ways to stay close to Virat was to marry Virat’s elder brother, Samrat.

Samrat very soon became a fan-favourite character. Not just the character but even the actor was admired by the viewers. For once, the audience really believed that Samrat’s generosity will bring out the good in Pakhi by making her realise what true love is.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go that way. Surely, there were moments when Pakhi got sympathetic with Samrat but the audience always felt his pain, especially when the character became victim of a deadly situation and lost his life. This was the time when the audience really got hit emotionally.

2.     Aditya from Imlie (Star Plus)

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The cast of Imlie season 1 really left their mark. All the characters had become a household name. In the beginning, it was a love triangle between Aditya, Imlie and Malini. Somewhere along the line, the storyline changed and there was another major character introduced which was Aryan.

The audience fell in love with the new character that gave a tough competition to Aditya, which at that time was being played by Gashmeer Mahajani. Aditya’s presence in the scenes was something really loveable and at the same time, Aryan, played by Fahmaan khan, had a swaggy look.

For some reason, Gashmeer was replaced by Manasvi Vashist and unfortunately, there came a time when the character had to leave the country forever. This goodbye was hurtful for viewers as the character, one of the leads from the beginning of the show and had given so much to the storyline.

3.     Aryan from Imlie (Star Plus)

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Surely Aditya’s exit from the storyline was hurtful. The show later became a war zone between Malini and Imlie-Aryan where the audience was hanging on to the chemistry between Sumbul and Fahmaan. There came a point when Aryan became an ideal hero of the show and the audience were going crazy with all the sequences where he was showing his action side.

Unfortunately, Malini was no less to go against Aryan and Imlie. She really played her game well and defined her grey shade role to the fullest. Aryan died as he became a victim of Malini’s deadly plan. The fans of the show couldn’t control their emotions and went online to showcase their love.

4.     Fateh from udaariyaan (Colors TV)

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Udaariyaan took a long leap and the new characters are really coming forward with their performances. The viewers are getting a surprise package as they had not expected such a performance from the new cast. However, even now there is a big part of the show’s fan base that still cannot get over the chemistry between Fateh and Tejo.

Fateh was a character that showed an array of emotions and the viewers really felt his struggle as he tried his best to protect Tejo from all the troubles.

There was a time when Fateh and Tejo had finally come together and were having the time of their life but unfortunately life, or should we say the writers, had some other plans. Sadly, Fateh and Tejo died in a car accident. It was emotionally one of the heaviest episodes of the show and the audience still cannot over their love story.

5.     Agastya from banni Chow Home Delivery (Star Plus)

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Banni Chow Home Delivery gives you an emotional roller-coaster ride with it’s storyline, characters, and also different sides of the them. The series is surely filled with some unexpected twists and turns but the audience love the strength that is displayed by Banni.

However, people do not fail to identify the source of that strength, which at one point was Agastya. The character might have entered with arrogance but his softer side was revealed later as he fell in love with Banni and the support that he showed towards Banni and Yuvan’s marriage was really appreciated by the fans.

The hard-hitting point of the show was when Agastya decided to exit Banni’s life seeing that he could no longer be a part of the problem in Banni’s life. This goodbye was respected and loved by the viewers.

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This was our top 5 favourite male characters that unfortunately either ended or took the exit door. Tell us who was your favourite character?

Stay tuned to for more updates and gossip.


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