Balki says he was shattered by the first review he read of 'Cheeni Kum'

<p>In the first review that R. Balki read of his 2007 debut feature 'Cheeni Kum', a top critic of the time trashed the film, sending the filmmaker into a "deep depression," as he says, despite the film being otherwise well received and friends telling him that one person's opinion did not matter, reports 'Variety'.</p>

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Revenge killings in R. Balki's 'Chup': Acts of a panned film's director?

<p>The trailer of 'Chup', directed by veteran ad filmmaker and director R. Balki, was released on Monday. A film centred around revenge killings, the needle of suspicion in it points to a filmmaker, who's believed to have committed the murders after critics panned his movie while being generous to what he believes less-deserving films.</p>

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Exclusive! Even I got my fair share but I don’t think I am there yet: Shreya Dhanwanthary on dealing with social media trolling

Actress Shreya Dhanwanthary in this exclusive interview talks about the response she has been getting for her special appearance in the film Looop Lapeta which was premiered on Netflix. She also talks about her take on bold scenes and how she deals with social media trolling.

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