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Exclusive! “First is Jwala obviously, the second will be that of Pavitra in Uttaran and lastly in Kashibai as Bhavanibai,” says Imlie fame Hetal Yadav as she opens up about the top-3 favorite characters she played, bond with her co-stars, and more

Hetal Yadav is a versatile actress who has been part of the TV industry for a long time now and has been entertaining audiences with her stints in shows like Barrister Babu, Uttaran, Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai, Kashibai Bajirao Ballal and now in Imlie.

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EXCLUSIVE! 'I would have opened my Dance Academy if not Acting' - Spy Bahu's Aditi Bhagat gets candid about her career plans, bonding with co-stars and more

<p>I would love to do characters that hold prominence, I have learnt kick boxing, if there is a character that allows me to be physically active as a coach or something, I would love to do that. I know, I will be able to portray something like that.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! 'I feel the character could have extended in Spy Bahu' Waseem Mushtaq on exiting from the show, his take on Abhishek and Drishti's ending and more

<p>I really feel sad for Drishti, as she is losing the love of her life and she has no idea about his reality, everything was going good for her. I feel sorry for Aditi also as a co-actor as we hardly shot for a month together. She is such a good actor and I am surely going to miss that.&nbsp;</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! 'It's high time Television changes its narrative from Kitchen politics' Spy Bahu's Waseem Mushtaq on the current narratives of Television, his character and more

<p>Gladly there are producers who are trying to do this as it is high time we change the narrative of Television. We are seeing the same thing for 20 years now. Keep the women in focus but show it interestingly.&nbsp;</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! 'I wanted to change my name to Shahbaaz; luckily, I didn't change' Sehban Azim gets CANDID about choosing his name; evolution of Yohan in Spy Bahu and more

<p>There has been a major transition in my character, from being a guy who was always annoyed by everyone except his sister has mellowed down a bit and his initial mission was to save Kashmir and bring the youth back to their routine lives while now he has Sejal besides him and has begun to fall in love with her.</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! Shivendraa Om Saainiyol is all set to enter Colors' Spy Bahu

<p>Sejal senses his presence right behind her and she gets awkward seeing him standing as he stands there and looks at her with love and care in his eyes. While Sejal stands frozen, Yohan slowly takes the rose petals out of Sejal’s hair one by one. Yohan touches her neck very softly and Sejal gets a little shy.</p>

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