EXCLUSIVE! 'I am hopeful that this happens and we support Anubhav and Gungun' Yug aka Anuj Khurana shares his take on the current track of Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey

Mehul aka Golu Chacha as we have most scenes together, even after a serious scene, we would have our fun banters, then Rajeevji we share the same room and he is like an elder brother to me. He guides me about things, be it Manan, Yesha, or Sonia all of them are dear to me. It would be really difficult to pick one.

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EXCLUSIVE! Yug has changed from lively to a matured brother' Anuj Khurana on his character's graph, bond with his co-stars in Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey and more

My advice would be that if there is love, if there are feelings then they must come out and express it in open and make it easy for all of us. We have seen Akriti expressing it but I feel now the three of them need clarity.

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EXCLUSIVE! 'I think wedding sequences are tedious yet fun' Golu Chacha aka Mehul Nisar reveals his take on wedding sequences, time slot and more

I would quote my first show, Hip Hip Hurray. In our early 19-20s we didn't know much about acting, our director kept workshops and we began to spend more time. Viewers believed that we were all childhood friends because of our strong interpersonal bond.

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EXCLUSIVE! 'My respect towards Gungun's performance has grown' Golu Chacha aka Mehul Nisar OPENS UP on the bond with Yesha Rughani, Current track of Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey and more

I am thoroughly enjoying my character, it has unfolded such beautiful shades. Initially, there was a realistic comedy that would give a smirk on your face and light punches, then there were some highly emotional moments. Now, that Gungun is in pain we see Golu a little strong, taking a stand for her.

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