CELEBRATION TIME! The Nandas are all set to celebrate Dahi Handi with Sejal's return in Colors' Spy Bahu

<p>She refuses to go back with him and asks Harsh to take her home. Harsh investigates Sejal but finds no evidence, Yohan tells him that he had hidden about Sejal's death from everyone. On the other hand, Mahira is tensed that her plan is soon to get crashed and Arun decides to call off the engagement.&nbsp;</p>

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EXCLUSIVE! 'I had taken 39 shots for the Nach Punjaban Reel with the Nandas' - Devashish Chandiramani gets candid as he talks about his Spy Bahu family and his love for Social Media

<p>I like to be candid and natural, I don't make it an act, I love to capture what is happening. My advice would be, be natural and candid about it, you can always take a permission if you are taking someone in your video, they might not want to get captured.&nbsp;</p>

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